Aural Delights 123

PLAYLIST Radio Birdman – You’re Gonna Miss Me – Radios Appear Ion-Morph & Johann Kloos – Sunshine & Abba – Chase The Dog DDS – Part Two – Untitled Johann Kloos – Alarm Clock – Anyone Can Be A Musician Ian Moss – Segment 3 – Anything Is Permitted At Any Given Time Volume One… Continue reading Aural Delights 123

Aural Delights 106

PLAYLIST Violet Woods – Electric Fascination – Violet Woods Blind Connie Williams – St. Louis Blues – Philadelphia Street Singer Moff Skellington – Pool of Stranglement – Marine Sugars (locally glimpsed) Dr John – I Walk On Guilded Splinters – Gris Gris Subsets – You Tasting Colours – twothousandfourteen Mother Upduff – Mud/Paced – Mud/Paced… Continue reading Aural Delights 106

Aural Delights Special – A German Shepherd Sampler

Founded in February 2014 this Manchester based digital record label has released an amazing set of albums. EPs and singles in its’ seven months of existence – here is a taster of some of the material which can be acquired from In an exclusive only Aural Delights special I am able to feature as… Continue reading Aural Delights Special – A German Shepherd Sampler

Aural Delights 80

This show is dedicated to the memory of Eilidh Bradley, local musician and front woman of the band Solar Race. PLAYLIST Solar Race – JD’s Sonic Raincoat – Homespun Chain & The Gang – Devitalize – Minimum Rock N Roll JLK Babysitter – Super Highway – II Spirit – Prelude Nothing To Hide – Twelve… Continue reading Aural Delights 80