Aural Delights 97

PLAYLIST Ste McCabe – Fool – Brains of Britain Le Butcherettes – Demon Stuck In Your Eye – Cry Is For The Flies Chirping – Ambitions – Single Art Bears – The Skeleton – Winter Songs Circle of Reason – Stories – Single Hayden Calnin – I Corrupt – Single Loscil – Ahull – Sea… Continue reading Aural Delights 97

Aural Delights 78

  PLAYLIST Rose Niland – Dominate – From Now The Creepers – Derbyshire –Rock ‘N’ Roll Liquorice Flavour Kill Pretty – Emperors New Clothes – In 80 Days The Fall – Fiery Jack – Fiery Jack Marc Riley with The Creepers – Jumper Clown – Cull Le Orme – Sorona – Felona E Sorona Can… Continue reading Aural Delights 78

Aural Delights 75

PLAYLIST Staggs – The 13th Hour – Mother Nature’s Bastard Sons Hoda – Exhale – SIngle Modal Roberts – Derbyshire 2000 – Disco Pharm The Prick Jaggers – Alexanderplatz – The Golden Ass King Creep – Can’t Dance – Demo Klangschewester – My Kind Of (Original Mix) – Sisterella USA Out Of Vietnam – Archangel… Continue reading Aural Delights 75

Aural Delights 74

A bit of a special this week with a focus on the work of Lisa Liu a New York based musician who has just released a solo album as Las Lanas – so a couple of tracks from that and a look back over her career with music from some of  her other bands –… Continue reading Aural Delights 74