Aural Delights 91

PLAYLIST The Parish Church Fire – Luther – Demo Vacation Club – Day Dream – Vacation Club EP Eat Lights Become Lights – Velocet Vir Nesat – Into Forever La Hell Gang – Inside My Fall – Thru Me Again The Soundcarriers – Low Light – Entropicalia Limbs – Intersection Intercourse – Apocalypse Is Trending… Continue reading Aural Delights 91

Aural Delights #60

AND A SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO UBERTINO! PLAYLIST Danny Short – Sorry Lookin’ Individual Limbs – Sandwiches (Now I Pretend To Eat) These New Puritans – The Way I Do The Brass – Triggers Noah Francis Johnson – Say You Love Me The Weave – Thou Spak A Mouthful Ubertino De Casale – You Tipped… Continue reading Aural Delights #60