Aural Delights 122

PLAYLIST The Living Eyes – Crash – Split Tape With The Clits The John Renbourn Group – Black Waterside – A Maid In Bedlam The Fall – Bremen Nacht (Alternative) – The Frenz Experiment Seedhil Bruiser – Ketamine Delivery Man – K-Hole Johann Kloos – The Old School – Anyone Can Be A Musician Dilig0… Continue reading Aural Delights 122

Aural Delights Special – Trojan Horse

It’s nice when a band that comes from just round the corner from you puts out a good album, that they then come up with a second album that manages to exceed the quality of the first one is even more pleasing. I refer to Trojan Horse who emerged clad in plaid shirts and more… Continue reading Aural Delights Special – Trojan Horse

Aural Delights 74

A bit of a special this week with a focus on the work of Lisa Liu a New York based musician who has just released a solo album as Las Lanas – so a couple of tracks from that and a look back over her career with music from some of  her other bands –… Continue reading Aural Delights 74