World of Jazz 152

PLAYLIST Charlie Mariano – Suite of the Festival – Cascade Ben Allison – Dragzilla – Seven Arrows Peggy Stern – Lemon Essence – The Fuschia Edward Vesala – Coming of the Nocturnal Sun – Heavy Life The Ganelin Trio – Who is afraid of Anthony Braxton? – Encores Elton Dean Quartet – Dede Bup Bup… Continue reading World of Jazz 152

World of Jazz 151

PLAYLIST Intro : John Coltrane – Body and Soul – Coltrane’s Sound Get The Blessing – Carapace – Astronautilus Tom Rainey Trio – Briefly Lompoc – Hotel Grief Herb Robertson Brass Ensemble – Hallucinations – Shades of Bud Powell Bob Stewart – Metamorphosis – First Line Charles Tolliver and his All Stars – Household of… Continue reading World of Jazz 151

World of Jazz 70

And so to the letter “T” in my A to Z of the less well known jazz artists….. PLAYLIST Art Taylor – Syeeda’s Song Flute – A.T.’s Delight Craig Taborn – Diamond Turning Dream – Avenging Angel Keith and Julie Tippett – Brimstone Spring Lullaby – Couple in Spirit Horace Tapscott – A Dress for… Continue reading World of Jazz 70