Aural Delights 161

PLAYLIST Flies On You – Drought: They Got A Bomb Mix – Fan-Base Repellant EP Cannonball Statman – Gaslit – Shiekofafriek! King Dead – The Firmament of Heaven Opens – Woe & Judgement Eivind Aarset – Sakte – I.E. Vibravoid – Colour Your Mind – Delirio Dei Sensi Brett Netson & Snakes – Sharpening Knives –… Continue reading Aural Delights 161

Fascinating Things 01

A new fortnightly podcast for 2015 picking up some of the new material that comes in and also featuring rare and interesting material from yesteryear. PLAYLIST Danny Short – Whistling In The Dark – Into Embers Cable Street Collective – He’s On Fire – The Best Of Times Royal Wedding – Family of Extinction –… Continue reading Fascinating Things 01