Aural Delights 120

PLAYLIST Gong – I Never Glid Before – Angels Egg Flies On You – Mysterious Jill – etcetera Nina Simone – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood – Broadway Blues Ballads Go Nogo – New Folks (Mal Holmes Remix) – New Folks Remixed The Ascension – Never Ending Cycle – Demo  Moff Skellington – The Dronfield… Continue reading Aural Delights 120

Aural Delights 116

PLAYLIST The Electric Cheese – Girl From Somewhere – Pre-release ZX+ – Jugband Blues – Fruits Der Mer CD1 Pusbunny – Cakehole – Pusbunny Cryin’ Queerwolf and Fall Fan Dave – Black Market – Pre-release Halshug – Gudsforladt – Blodets Bånd Flies On You – Swine Hero – etcetera Milo’s Planes – Thousand Planes – Aural Palate Cleaning… Continue reading Aural Delights 116

Room On The Floor 10

PLAYLIST Rui Da Silva – Love is the Leader (Chus Cebellos Stereo Mix) Aqob – The Red Planet – Original Mix The Lonely Smoker – When The Last Time (Vijay and Sofia Zlatko Remix) Charles Bordeaux – 5 Weeds (Tronik Youth Remix) Yoshiyuka Oto – To The Next Stage (Statickman Remix) J Daniel – The… Continue reading Room On The Floor 10