Aural Delights 136

PLAYLIST Vienna Ditto – Feeling Good – Circle Ion-Morph & Moff Skellington – Boomerangs – Single The Deadline Shakes – Phone Calls In The Bath Pulo Revé – Of All The Bodies In The World – The EP The Murrays – I Wanna Be Right – !EP Umbrella Assassins – Everything is fine (In my mind)… Continue reading Aural Delights 136

Aural Delights 134

PLAYLIST Fire Retarded – The High Horse – Barb’s Trailer Pines – Warm Eclipsed – Love Songs From Inside The Sun Billy Vincent – Across My Street – Stand On Me Robin Guthrie & Mark Gardener – Universal Road – Universal Road Monster Jaw – Never Change – Basement Sessions Apachelux – This Time -This… Continue reading Aural Delights 134

Aural Delights 112

PLAYLIST Horse Party – Out Of Sight – Out Of Sight/Receiver Institute – Giddy Boys – Giddy Boys Tijuana Bibles – Sun Chaser – Sun Chaser Disappears – Interpretation – Irreal SeaWItches – Stars – Stars Chimiks – She Sleeps Tonight – Cool It Down Purling Hiss – Forcefield of Solitude – Weirdon Siskiyou –… Continue reading Aural Delights 112

Aural Delights 70

I caught Norweb at the Free Rock and Roll evening at “Mello Mello” in Liverpool last week and took a liking to their angular, jaunty, post punk sound. I tracked down their EP on Bandcamp and thought it was worth sharing. The new single from Horse Party looks to continue their quality. I’m featuring the… Continue reading Aural Delights 70