Aural Delights 161

PLAYLIST Flies On You – Drought: They Got A Bomb Mix – Fan-Base Repellant EP Cannonball Statman – Gaslit – Shiekofafriek! King Dead – The Firmament of Heaven Opens – Woe & Judgement Eivind Aarset – Sakte – I.E. Vibravoid – Colour Your Mind – Delirio Dei Sensi Brett Netson & Snakes – Sharpening Knives –… Continue reading Aural Delights 161

Aural Delights 160

PLAYLIST Staggs – Funk Me Jesus – Single Dave Graney – Out of the Loop – Drugs Are Wasted On The Young (Single) Johann Kloos – I Dont Like You But I Love You – Carousel A Sliver Mt Zion – Teddy Roosevelt’s Guns – The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band Plays Horses In… Continue reading Aural Delights 160

Aural Delights 159

PLAYLIST Deepshade – Time – Everything Popular Is Wrong Curry Quiche – You Know It All – Rock N Roll Rotherham The Brainstems – Stallioning – No Place Else Luis Drayton – So Perfect (feat. Ani Campbell) – So Perfect EP Clifford T. Ward – Gaye – Refugees – A Charisma Records Anthology 1969-1978 Bob Marley… Continue reading Aural Delights 159

Aural Delights 158

This show is dedicated to Kelvin Knight, drummer with the Delta 5, band and tour manager and all round great guy, Rest in peace. PLAYLIST Links to some bands provided the rest can be googled Delta 5 – Powerlines – Single Johnny Moped – Incendiary Device – Pogo A Go Go Hamsters – Basically Johnny… Continue reading Aural Delights 158

Aural Delights 157

PLAYLIST Hamsters – Waving Not Drowning – Live On The Independents Tour 2015 The Seven Twenty – (Can’t Find No Love In This) City – The Seven Twenty James X. Boyd – Carole King Eyes – You Taste Like The Real Thing Mark Corrin – Inventory – EP9 : Nocturne Nonsense – Frantic Mall Mom/G.O.L –… Continue reading Aural Delights 157

Aural Delights 156

PLAYLIST The Scissors – Lucy for London – Daylight Cinema Dave Graney – I’m Not Afraid To Be Heavy – Rock n Roll Is Where I Hide E is for Exit – I Fell Down The Playfair Steps – I Fell Down The Playfair Steps Bloodhounds On My Trail – Dreamless – Escape II Pink… Continue reading Aural Delights 156

Aural Delights 155

PLAYLIST Library Voices – Oh Donna – Lovish Spotlights – The Fire Walk – Demonstration Dead Ghosts – Another Love – Love and Death and All The Rest Moff Skellington – A Menace to Jaspers – Scribnalls Niche – Exiled to Islands – Heading East Yakks – Man Rags – Yakks The Scissors – Do… Continue reading Aural Delights 155