Fascinating Things 3

PLAYLIST Dream Police – Hypnotised – Hypnotised The Ex – They Shall Not Pass – Spanish Revolution Dads – Bubular Tubes – Bubular Tubes Jerry’s Kids – I Don’t Belong – Is This My World? Makeouts – Do What You Want – In A Strange Land The Phantoms – Wasting Time – Wasting Time The… Continue reading Fascinating Things 3

Fascinating Things 2

PLAYLIST Inti-Illamini – Arriba Quernando El Sol – Hacia La Libertad Bob Marley & The Wailers – Soul Rebels – The Upsetter Record Shop Part 1 Dr John – Dance The Night Away – City Lights Wooden Indian Burial Ground – Holy Mountain – Sunbeams and the Cosmic Ascent to Nowheresville Dead Horse One –… Continue reading Fascinating Things 2

Fascinating Things 01

A new fortnightly podcast for 2015 picking up some of the new material that comes in and also featuring rare and interesting material from yesteryear. PLAYLIST Danny Short – Whistling In The Dark – Into Embers Cable Street Collective – He’s On Fire – The Best Of Times Royal Wedding – Family of Extinction –… Continue reading Fascinating Things 01