World of Jazz 94

PLAYLIST Lee Morgan – Helen’s Ritual – Caramba Phil Ranelin – Time Is Running Out – The Time Is Now! John Coltrane – Liberia – Coltrane’s Sound Nathan Davies Sextet – Sconsolato – Peace Treaty Esbjörn Svensson Trio – Behind The Yashmak – Jazz Baltica 2003 Dave Holland – A New Day – Prism Arve… Continue reading World of Jazz 94

World of Jazz 69

And so we have reached the letter “S” in my overview of the less well known members of the jazz world……. YOU CAN STREAM THE SHOW FROM MIXCLOUD PLAYLIST Omar Sosa – Alejet – Eggun – The Afri-lectic Experience Pharoah Sanders – Morning In Soweto – Spirits James Spaulding – Gentle Spirit – Round To… Continue reading World of Jazz 69