Aural Delights 152

An unashamed celebration of the German Shepherd record label who release their 100th artefact into the ether on October 30th, together with some other brand new releases from independent artists, plus a couple of classics from the archives. PLAYLIST Pearl Divers – Smoking Gun – 100 : A German Shepherd Compilation Hamsters – Crash and… Continue reading Aural Delights 152

Aural Delights 135

This podcast is dedicated to Chris Squire, bass player with Yes,  who left us this week. The importance of The Yes Album and Fragile on my musical awakening cannot be underestimated. Whatever people may say about Yes and their music Squire has to be recognised as a great musician and innovator. PLAYLIST Ion-Morph & Loop-Aznavour… Continue reading Aural Delights 135

Aural Delights 133

PLAYLIST A Copy For Collapse – Waiting For – Waiting For The Creeping Ivies – The Witch House – The Witch House Ion Morph & Loop Aznavour – Go For The Throat – Go For The Throat UV TV – Fear – Demo The Marks Cartel – Take Me Home – Single DDS – Abandoned… Continue reading Aural Delights 133

Aural Delights 130

Dedicated to Paul Burbery. PLAYLIST Malka – A Flock Of Crows – The Constant State (Bandcamp : 2nd March 2015) Art Bears – First Things First – Winter Songs (Ralph Records : 1979) Machinista – Brandbergen, Stockholm via Kalmar til Malmö (Original Mix) – Garmonbozia (Analogue Trash :  15th June 2015) Nina Simone – Black Swan… Continue reading Aural Delights 130

Aural Delights 124

PLAYLIST Nadine Shah – Fast Food – Fast Food William Onyeabor – When The Going Is Smooth & Good – Anything You Sow DDS – Part One – Untitled 39 Clocks – Shake The Hippie – Pain It Dark Föllakzoid – Sky Input Pt. 1 – Föllakzoid Moff Skellington – Under The Cobweb Sea (Radio Edit)… Continue reading Aural Delights 124

Aural Delights 106

PLAYLIST Violet Woods – Electric Fascination – Violet Woods Blind Connie Williams – St. Louis Blues – Philadelphia Street Singer Moff Skellington – Pool of Stranglement – Marine Sugars (locally glimpsed) Dr John – I Walk On Guilded Splinters – Gris Gris Subsets – You Tasting Colours – twothousandfourteen Mother Upduff – Mud/Paced – Mud/Paced… Continue reading Aural Delights 106

Aural Delights 101

  PLAYLIST Worn Leather – Going Away – Worn Leather Demo White Lung – Drown With The Monster – Deep Fantasy Lowlakes – Entry – Iceberg Nerves Thurston Moore – Speak To The Wild – The Best Day Kicking Harold – Kill You – Red Light District The Actions – The Echo – The Echo(SIngle)… Continue reading Aural Delights 101

Aural Delights 95

PLAYLIST Porters Forces – Velveteen – Promo Ill – Hysteria – The Housewives Trilogy Flies On You – Katie Hopkins In Human Form – Promo Thrill Collins – Minister Smith – Difficult Listening KP2 & Loop Aznavour featuring Disappeared Steve – I Am Filth – I Am Filth Hiss Golden Messenger – Lucia – Lateness… Continue reading Aural Delights 95

Aural Delights Special – A German Shepherd Sampler

Founded in February 2014 this Manchester based digital record label has released an amazing set of albums. EPs and singles in its’ seven months of existence – here is a taster of some of the material which can be acquired from In an exclusive only Aural Delights special I am able to feature as… Continue reading Aural Delights Special – A German Shepherd Sampler

Aural Delights 81

PLAYLIST Loop-aznavour – The Junkyard King – If A Jobs Worth Doing Buzz Osborne – Dark Brown Teeth – This Machine Kills Artists Tara Jane O’Neil – Wordless in Woods – Where Shine New Lights Haioka – Hyakki Yakou – Rei Row Ethereal Tribe – Fever – Lady Killer Buzz Osborne – Drunken Baby – This… Continue reading Aural Delights 81