Aural Delights 151

So there were a couple of things on the list to do. Firstly a way to incorporate a performance of  Alan Ginsberg’s ground-breaking poem “Howl” into a podcast, and secondly a chance to highlight the work of  controversial band Butthole Surfers. They both seemed like something that could work together. The plan was to find… Continue reading Aural Delights 151

World of Jazz 96

PLAYLIST Orlando Julius With The Heliocentrics – Love Thy Neighbour- Jaiyede Afro David Binney – Marvin Gaye – Balance Julian and Roman Wasserfuhr – Airplanes In My Head – Upgraded in Gothenburg Kenny Wheeler – Hotel le Hot – The Widow In The Window Paul Chambers – What’s New – Paul Chambers Quintet Kenny Burrell & John Coltrane… Continue reading World of Jazz 96