Aural Delights 123

PLAYLIST Radio Birdman – You’re Gonna Miss Me – Radios Appear Ion-Morph & Johann Kloos – Sunshine & Abba – Chase The Dog DDS – Part Two – Untitled Johann Kloos – Alarm Clock – Anyone Can Be A Musician Ian Moss – Segment 3 – Anything Is Permitted At Any Given Time Volume One… Continue reading Aural Delights 123

Aural Delights 103

A slightly longer show than usual this time due to the vast amount of excellent new material that has come in….. PLAYLIST The X-Ray Harpoons – Dawnbreaker – Get Attuned To Our Tyme Fire Engines – Get Up And Use Me – Fond Lumerians – Murder Dubbs – Transmissions from Telos Vol III The Miracle… Continue reading Aural Delights 103