World of Jazz 135

PLAYLIST Kris Davis Infrasound – Union Forever – Save Your Breath (2015) Ahmad Jamal – The Shout – Live In Marciac (2015) Dennis Rollins’ Velocity Trio – Symbiosis – Symbiosis (2015) Ray Russell – Sombrero Sam – Turn Circle (2007) David Berkman – Up Jumped Ming – Old Friends and New Friends (2015) Dominic Duval,… Continue reading World of Jazz 135

World of Jazz 90 – A Tribute to Idris Muhammad

A tribute to the great jazz drummer Idris Muhammad who passed away recently. The music featured is from his work as a side man. While he had spent the past two decades working with jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal, Muhammad’s drumming covered almost every genre of contemporary music, including rock ‘n’ roll. He toured or recorded… Continue reading World of Jazz 90 – A Tribute to Idris Muhammad