Aural Delights 100

So what to do to mark reaching the 100th episode? Well not a lot – I could have played a load of old stuff and been a bit self-indulgent but there was so much good new stuff in I thought I would carry on as usual, but chuck in a handful of favourites to mix… Continue reading Aural Delights 100

Aural Delights 93

PLAYLIST The Maureens – Zuma Beach – The Maureens The Maureens – Brother – The Maureens The Parish Church Fire – Running & Falling Free – Demo Monster Island  J. Horrocks – The House of Lancaster Black Earth – Don’t Make Your Mother Cry – Demo Tracks Blue Pills – Devil Man – Blue Pills… Continue reading Aural Delights 93

Aural Delights 78

  PLAYLIST Rose Niland – Dominate – From Now The Creepers – Derbyshire –Rock ‘N’ Roll Liquorice Flavour Kill Pretty – Emperors New Clothes – In 80 Days The Fall – Fiery Jack – Fiery Jack Marc Riley with The Creepers – Jumper Clown – Cull Le Orme – Sorona – Felona E Sorona Can… Continue reading Aural Delights 78