Aural Delights 92

PLAYLIST Ten Mouth Electron – Brite Lights – Brite Lights/Cut Up Technique Kick to Kill – Dreams – Single Glenn Hodge Banned – Ignoramus – Iconoclast Reptile Youth – Structures – Rivers That Run For A Sea That Is Gone Slippertails – Hip New Jerk – There’s A Disturbing Trend Monster Island – The Anchor… Continue reading Aural Delights 92

Aural Delights 83

A just over two hour show this week  due to the large amount of new material sent my way……and the desire to dig out a few classics   PLAYLIST Factory Acts – Thirst – Thirst EP Pink Mountaintops – Ambulance City – Get Back Blue Orchids – Sun Connection – The Greatest Hit Crosby, Stills,… Continue reading Aural Delights 83