World of Jazz 110

PLAYLIST Tommy Igoe – Mercy Mercy – The Tommy Igoe Groove Conspiracy Samuel Blaser Quartet – As The Sea – Part 2 – As The Sea Giorgio Gaslini Globo Quartet – Lampi (Lightnings) -Suite in 5 Movements: Aura – Lampi (Lightnings) Erik Honoré – Pioneer Trail – Heliographs Rashied Ali – Naima – Moon Flight Dizzy Gillespie… Continue reading World of Jazz 110

Aural Delights 110

So with the start of the new year and some adjustment I am returning Aural Delights to it’s original raison d’etre – there will be music local to the area I live in which you will not have had a chance to hear (unless you live in these parts), there will be the very interesting… Continue reading Aural Delights 110