Aural Delights 152

An unashamed celebration of the German Shepherd record label who release their 100th artefact into the ether on October 30th, together with some other brand new releases from independent artists, plus a couple of classics from the archives. PLAYLIST Pearl Divers – Smoking Gun – 100 : A German Shepherd Compilation Hamsters – Crash and… Continue reading Aural Delights 152

Aural Delights – Monkeys In Love Special

As a companion piece to my review and interview with Monkeys in Love in The Studeo Blog here is a podcast with selections of their own music together with some of the artists they like and that had an influence on the band. You can find the interview at   PLAYLIST Monkeys In Love –… Continue reading Aural Delights – Monkeys In Love Special

Aural Delights 93

PLAYLIST The Maureens – Zuma Beach – The Maureens The Maureens – Brother – The Maureens The Parish Church Fire – Running & Falling Free – Demo Monster Island  J. Horrocks – The House of Lancaster Black Earth – Don’t Make Your Mother Cry – Demo Tracks Blue Pills – Devil Man – Blue Pills… Continue reading Aural Delights 93