World of Jazz 69

And so we have reached the letter “S” in my overview of the less well known members of the jazz world…….



  1. Omar Sosa – Alejet – Eggun – The Afri-lectic Experience
  2. Pharoah Sanders – Morning In Soweto – Spirits
  3. James Spaulding – Gentle Spirit – Round To It (Live at the Up Over Jazz Club) Vol. 2
  4. Matthew Shipp – Pastoral Composure – Pastoral Composure
  5. Archie Shepp – Spoo Pee Doo – Kwanza
  6. Sex Mob – Toby Dammit’s Last Act (Spirits of the Dead) – Cinema Sex and Spaghetti
  7. Andy Sheppard – We Shall Not Go To Market Today – Movements In Colour
  8. Sonny Stitt – Bunny R. – Rearin’ Back/Tribute to Ellington
  9. Sun Ra and His Arkestra – Reflections In Blue – Sound of Joy

O Sosa

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