Aural Delights Special – A German Shepherd Sampler

Founded in February 2014 this Manchester based digital record label has released an amazing set of albums. EPs and singles in its’ seven months of existence – here is a taster of some of the material which can be acquired from

In an exclusive only Aural Delights special I am able to feature as yet unreleased tracks from the label from Space Museum, Sicknurse, Passage of Time and Scratchings, No Gravy.


  1. The Hamsters – Stereotypes – Bloody Hell!
  2. West Coast Sick Line – Into Ya Home – The Road to Billinge Hill
  3. KP2 and Space Museum – The Elephants Graveyard – Passive/Aggressive
  4. Lachenalia – Infinite Recumbence – Acts and Monuments
  5. The Stepbrothers – Coney Island – Switched at Birth
  6. Space Museum – Ostracised – The Nostalgia Wars
  7. Passage of Time – Biscuits at Noon – The Last Rites of the Dog Tired Boys
  8. Loop Aznavour – The Apple of Your Eye – If a job’s worth doing
  9. Sicknurse – Hessler Berghoff Syndrome – Sex Sells
  10. Scratchings, No Gravy – People are Snapping – Eccles Cross Breakdown
  11. Modal Roberts – Disco Pharm – Disco Pharm
  12. The Prick Jaggers – Alexanderplatz – The Golden Ass
  13. The Get – I Am A Dalek – Getitude
  14. KP2 and Loop Aznavour – Justin Beiber Must Die
  15. KP2 and Johann Kloos – Wild Bill – KP2 meets JK


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