Aural Delights 155


  1. Library Voices – Oh Donna – Lovish
  2. Spotlights – The Fire Walk – Demonstration
  3. Dead Ghosts – Another Love – Love and Death and All The Rest
  4. Moff Skellington – A Menace to Jaspers – Scribnalls
  5. Niche – Exiled to Islands – Heading East
  6. Yakks – Man Rags – Yakks
  7. The Scissors – Do You Believe In Modern Love? Daylight Cinema (Remastered)
  8. The Deadlines Shakes – You Bring The Class – Zealots
  9. Teeth of the Sea – Cemetary Magus – Your Mercury
  10. Blobs – Limp – Shame
  11. Tow’rs – Circles – The Great Minimum
  12. Courtney Barnett – Aqua Profunda! – Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit
  13. Deadly Snakes – Ambulance Man – A Bird In The Hand Is Worthless
  14. The Scissors – Why Don’t You Cry – Demo
  15. Tom Parmiter – Ganymede – Demo
  16. Moff Skellington – Birdsect – Scribnalls
  17. Joan Shelley – Over and Even – Over and Even
  18. Karen Dalton – Something on your Mind – In My Own Time
  19. Ill – Slithering Lizards – Single
  20. Yakks – Want You Dead – Yakks
  21. Boxhead & Gloves – Claudio – Demo
  22. Factory Acts – Animal Spirits (Bedroom Legends Remix) – Demo
  23. Hollie April – Father – Single
  24. Honeymilk featuring De Montevert – Psychrocker – Single
  25. Motormouth Mabel – Liqour Store Lurker – Catch The Fury
  26. Niche – Days to Come – Heading East
  27. Telekinisis! – Sylvia – Ad Infinitum
  28. The Deadline Shakes – Shelters – Zealots
  29. Moff Skellington – Downstairs The Fish Are A Code – Scribnalls
  30. Mogwai – Hunted By A Freak – Central Belters
  31. The Scissors – Sjhake – Demo
  32. Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band – Orange Claw Hammer – The Dust Blows Forward and the Dust Blows Back


  1. Lovish follows the bands 2014 album ‘For John’ and has already gained the support of Clash Magazine and Consequence Of Sound with recent singles Zzyzx and Oh Donna respectively. There was an extended period of time where it looked like Lovish would never see the light of day. Months of endless touring and exhaustion in support of Summer of Lust came to a boil late one night in the bowels of the saddest hostel in Amsterdam. The next day hundreds of rats swarmed their van in Paris. After those highlights the tour started to go south. The band returned home, decided they needed some space, and agreed to see other people. Fast forward 24 months. Soon after Library Voices regrouped to begin writing what would become Lovish, singer/guitarist Carl Johnson was jumped, beaten, and left unconscious in the street in a random act of violence. The attack resulted in blood pooling on the front of his brain, a severe concussion, an inability to smell bad odors, and a long road to recovery. For a few months it remained uncertain whether he would be able to continue writing and performing music. Johnson contributed 7 songs to the album, although he still can’t detect foul scents. The remaining four tracks, including the first single “Oh Donna” and the miserabilist anthem “Sunburnt In LA” are fronted by Brennan Ross.
  2. Sarah Quintero – Bass/Guitar/Vocals  and Mario Quintero – Guitar/Synths/Vocals – Originally self released in Spring of 2014, this EP was recorded and mixed in their practice space and living room. Now, Crowquill Records brings you the re-mastered version, including a previously unreleased track “French Exit”. Downloads  available at Bandcamp and
  3. The Vancouver-based garage rockers have recently reissued their 2010 self-titled debut through Burger Records, and this new one will be their third.
  4. The latest release from the mighty Moff was originally performed at the Queerwolf’s Closet held at the Kings Arms in Salford – out on German Shepherd this Friday.
  5. Good album this, check it out. Review here
  6. Synth punk from Melbourne –
  7. Neil Bruce from Bouquet of Dead Crows introduced me to this band. The Scissors are self proclaimed as “Swirling Hammond organ fuelled psychpop with horrorshow freakbeat guitars and new wave post punk synergy”. They are from Cambridge and is the case with that places music scene there are all sorts of links. Band member Stewart Harris not only designed the sleeve for the recent Bouquet of Dead Crows album but also plays bass in excellent band The Seven Twenty. The Scissors have recently remastered their debut album as well as working on some new recordings. Check them out on Bandcamp.
  8. A band I have been featuring for a while – their debut album has finally emerged, and the promo people have got hold of it and say “Glasgow’s The Deadline Shakes are Greg Dingwall (lead vocals, guitars and keys), Iain McKinstry (guitars and vocals), Martin McLeod (bass), Thomas Booth (drums) and Sam Clark (piano), with Michael Muir (violin) and Kiera Pollock (vocals).
    Their debut album ‘Zealots’, produced by Greg in a tiny room in the east end of Glasgow, is the product of three years of hard work following the band’s inception. Greg’s songs are often widescreen in scope, but lucidly lovelorn lyrics give the album a relatably human quality. This is an album recorded on a limited budget that sounds like a large scale, big studio production. “
  9. Since their formation in 2006, London-based Teeth Of The Sea have metamorphosized into the most adventurous psychedelic rock outfit in the UK. Taking on board influences like Morricone, Eno, Delia Derbyshire, Goblin, and the Butthole Surfers , they’ve arrived at an incendiary sound that marries the aural enlightenment of an avant-garde sensibility with the reckless abandon of trashy rock & roll.  From their third album.
  10. Another one from the excellent More Power Tapes –
  11. Amidst a backdrop of haunting memories, staunch intimacy and impending change comes Tow’rs sophomore album “The Great Minimum”. A grappling for an understanding of a life well lived and reconciliation of ones own depravity, “The Great Minimum” traverses darker themes than their previous self-titled album through the hopeful medicine of poetic lyrics and a driving folk sound. From the doubtful confessions of ‘Mindful’ to the wide-eyed yearning of ‘Helm’ the five-piece band constructs a conversation of solidarity between seemingly meaningless moments and our profound existence. Even with the addition of new instruments and more complex structures, Tow’rs explores a bigger sound without compromising their folk roots, soothing harmonies and soul baring lyrics.
  12. Album of the year – ’nuff said.
  13. From the 2006 album, which was also called Porcella.
  14. as 7
  15. From the new EP Laws of Motion –
  16. as 4
  17. Joan’s third album is her best yet…..
  18. Ian Moss played a track from this lady when he was on Tony Thornborough’s show the other week,  I was intrigued and did some research. Amazing.
  19. The other side of Ill Song and probably the best thing they have recorded to date. Get it on Bandcamp.
  20. as 6
  21. Stan has been in touch with this new one which is the result of some recent recordings in a “proper” studio. Superior Manc pop as usual.
  22. Matt sent me this….Ubertino (Gethin from Flies on You) and his chum have had fun with the Factory Acts classic. it will be on an Analogue Trash compilation at some point in the future.
  23. Holding a Masters in Composition for Film and Television from the National Film and Television School and a first class BA(Hons) in Music Production from Leeds College of Music. During her years as an undergraduate Hollie represented the conservatoire at numerous showcases (including Sony, Island Records and Steinway). She then proceeded to study a Masters in Composition for Film and Television at the National Film and Television School. 
  24. Honeymilk are a psychedelic/indie-rock act from Stockholm who have recently been gathering media attention.
  25. Charleston Punks –
  26. as 5 …. amazing tune…..
  27. Telekinisis are from Seattle, they have a new album out called “Ad Infinitum” which caught my ear on first listening. There’s a sort of Jonsi from Sigur Ros feel to the vocals in places, and the music is uncluttered and unfussy electronic pop with a touch of OMD dynamics and LCD Soundsystem bravado, the sort of tunes they use on glossy US TV shows to cover some of the visual exposition. There are one or two clever little touches and although there is a slight feeling of deja vu with some of the songs it is a good listen with a suitably epic “set the arpeggiators” to stun pop feel.
  28. as 8
  29. as 4
  30. Greatest Hits 3 CD marathon thingy – from their best album IMHO
  31. as 7
  32. …..and why not?

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