Sonic Attack 129


  1. Here Come The Fuzz – Psychedelic Cloud – Cut Loose
  2. Extreme Noise Terror – Punk Rock Patrol – Extreme Noise Terror
  3. Eye of Nix – Elysium Elusive – Moros
  4. Myrkur – Mordet – Relapse Sampler 2015
  5. The Hecks – Trust & Order – Trust & Order
  6. Pinkish Black – Everything Must Go – Relapse Sampler 2015
  7. Cadaver Em Transe – Cameleao – 7″
  8. Tau Cross – Fire In The Sky – Relapse Sampler
  9. The DHDFDs – Black Rabbit – Please speak positive, delicate flower
  10. Torche – Loose Men – Relapse Sampler 2015
  11. Carved up – We Built Riff City – Matador
  12. Casper Skulls – King of Gold – King of Gold 7″
  13. Pink Bathroom – Dream Girl – Big Bite
  14. The Sueves – Dudes In Suits – The Sueves
  15. Windhand – Crypt Key – Relapse Sampler 2015
  16. Extreme Noise Terror – I Like Coca – Extreme Noise Terror
  17. Cadaver Em Transe – Pulsao De Morte – 7″


  1. Two piece garage rock band from Cincinnatti, Ohio – Bandcamp
  2. UK-based hardcore punk/grindcore legends released their self-titled new full-length via Willowtip Records on November 5th.
  3. Released on Belief Mower on November 5th.
  4. As part of the label’s ongoing 25th anniversary celebration, Relapse Records has released a 38-song label sampler available for free download via Bandcamp and Amazon MP3. The sampler showcases the label’s eclectic roster, which spans all realms of dark and heavy music including death metal, grindcore, thrash metal, stoner rock, drone, black metal, sludge metal, doom metal, heavy psych, space rock, hardcore, experimental music and much more.
  5. 2013 release. Adorned as Chicago’s Best New Rock Duo in 2012 by the Chicago Reader, The Hecks were critically acclaimed newcomers that cannot be contained by classification. Commonly connected with critical genres “garage” and “noise,” on their debut Moniker Records 7”, Zach Hebert and Andrew Mosiman moved beyond those confines to create winding pop gems that steadily shift between pulsating rhythms, unexpected fragments, and unrestrained feedback.
  6. as 4
  7. Punk from São Paulo, Brazil – Bandcamp
  8. as 4
  9. All I know is that they are from Auckland, New Zealand – Bandcamp
  10. as 4
  11. Southeastern Pennsylvania-based caustic power trio, with their debut LP, Matador,  released 13th November via Crowquill Records.
  12. Garage (post) punk from Toronto – Bandcamp
  13. Punk trio from Chicago – Bandcamp
  14. More punk from Chicago – Bandcamp although the featured track was released via Young Camelot
  15. as 4
  16. as 2
  17. as 7

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