Band On The Wall Playlist – November 2015

A new podcast consisting of a  monthly playlist for Band on the Wall Music venue in Manchester.

The podcast will include new music which reflects both forthcoming events they are promoting but also the wider world of Jazz.

The podcast will be included in Band on the Wall newsletters and their online magazine feature.

This first mix compiles the best in new jazz released this year, future mixes will look at the exciting jazz gigs at the Swan Street Venue that are coming in future months plus new releases

  • Daniel Levin – Whisper – Friction (Clean Feed)
  • Christian Scott – West of the West – Stretch Music (Ropeadope)
  • RPE Duo – Swamps – Playground (Bandcamp)
  • Cyrus Chestnut – A Time For Love – A Million Colors in Your Mind (Highnote)
  • E.J.Strickland Quintet – For My Home Folks – The Undying Spirit (Strick Muzik)
  • Nick Fraser – Too Many Continents – Too Many Continents (Clean Feed)
  • Ticonderoga – Beyond Days – Ticonderoga (Clean Feed)
  • Dave Douglas Quintet – Miracle Gro – Brazen Heart (Greenleaf)
  • Get The Blessing – Carapace – Astronautilus (Naim Jazz)
  • Rob Mazurek, Exploding Star Orchestra – Collections of Time – Galactic Parables, vol. 1 (Cunieform)

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