Aural Delights 153


  1. Bouquet of Dead Crows – Without You – Of The Night
  2. Ummagma – Orion – Frequency
  3. Allison Weiss – The Sound – New Love
  4. Emporium – Gloomy Shadows – Single
  5. Lights That Change – Starlight – Single
  6. IKMRAO – Gobstopper – Single
  7. Alex Bleeker and the Freaks – Little Dream I Had – Country Agenda
  8. Young Rival – Carry The Weight – Interior Light
  9. Pugwash – Kicking and Screaming – Play This Intimately
  10. Hills – Kollektiev – Frid
  11. Promised Land Sound – Push and Pull (All The Time) – For Use and Delight
  12. Linda Hoyle – Backlash Blues – Pieces of Me
  13. Cluster & Eno – Ho Renomo – Cluster & Eno
  14. The Grip Weeds – How I Won The War – How I Won The War
  15. Ummagma – Lama (Robin Guthrie Remix) – Frequency
  16. Lights That Change – Voices – Bysantium
  17. The Hunches – Static Disaster – Tour CD 2005
  18. Dave Rawlings Machine – The Weekend – Nashville Obsolete
  19. The Receiver – Transit – All Burn
  20. Ashley Reaks and Joe Hakim – Albert Hoffman’s Bicycle – Cultural Thrift
  21. Mickey 9’s – Computer Inventor Bendy Toy Remix – Computer Inventor
  22. Counting Coins – All That I Need – All That I Need
  23. IKMRAO – Hedgehog – Single
  24. Jimmy & The Revolvers – The Morning Paper – The Morning Paper
  25. Kurt Marble – Replacement – Notes
  26. Newborns – We Are Newborns – We Are Newborns
  27. The Sneaky Nixons – Sex (Single Version) – Sex
  28. Deepshade – The Blood, The Mud, The Tears – Single
  29. Ummagma – Winter Tale – Frequency
  30. Dave Graney – The Pre-Revolutionary Scene – Once I Loved The Torn Ocean’s Roar


  1. From the debut album released on German Shepherd Records on November 2nd.
  2. Canadian-Ukrainian duo Ummagma  releases new RP “Frequency” through Raphalite Records on November 13th. The EP consists of to eight tracks, including remixes by Cocteau Twins frontman Robin Guthrie, Wales’ celebrated Lights That Change, and Malcolm Holmes of Orchestral Maneouvres in the Dark (OMD). Ummagma was the first band ever to secure a remix from this OMD legend.
  3. Latest release (2nd October 2015) from this prolific Los Angeles based musician. Available from Bandcamp.
  4. Emporium have an eclectic collection of recordings and releases behind their back. Their music is kaleidoscopic and diverse, as they keep finding new ways to express themselves through a broad sonic palette.
    Originally formed in Edinburgh but now London based, composer and producer Ewan McKenzie is finalising a new Emporium mini album and working towards some live dates with a full band.
  5. Lights That Change is an alternative dream pop outfit, hailing from North Wales and headed by producer Marc Joy. They released their debut EP ‘Rainbow On Your Shoulder’ in 2013, followed by ‘Whispers in February’. Their single ‘Voices’ came out in May of this year on Raphalite Records to critical acclaim.
  6. Out on German Shepherd via Bandcamp in early November IKMRAO continue to mine their musical influences in their own peculiar way.
  7. Country folk jam psych rock from Brooklyn.  Get it on Bandcamp.
  8. New release from the Canadian garage rock trio.
  9. Play This Intimately (As If Among Friends) is the highly anticipated, new studio release from Pugwash, their first in 4 years. Recorded at Konk Studios (founded by The Kinks), and engineered and mixed by Guy Massey (The Beatles reissues mastering engineer), Play This Intimately contains 12 new tracks that demonstrate a wide range of styles.
  10. Gothenburg-based Hills are entering their ninth year of existence, in which they’ve released two full-length albums, the second of which, ‘Master Sleeps’ saw a vinyl outing on Rocket last year. Part of a rich scene in their homestead also including friends and Rocket Recordings labelmates Goat, they form the new chapter in a tradition of Swedish psychedelia that found its origins in late-’60s and early ’70s freakouts and mind-melts by the likes of Baby Grandmothers and Älgarnas Trädgård – not to mention the unholy trinity of Pärson Sound, International Harvester and Träd Gräs och Stenar – before being developed by the likes of The Spacious Mind and Dungen in the last two decades. These inspirations make their mark on ‘LP3’ by journeying inward, via mantric repetition and hip-shaking pulsations as on the ten-minute monolith, ‘Smask’, yet they can also lurch into the unknown via the fuzz/wah odysseys of the aptly monikered ‘National Drone’ and the ceremonial exhortations of the closing ‘Death Will Find A Way.’
  11. Promised Land Sound are a fairly young band out of Nashville, but you wouldn’t know it based on the strength of their second album For Use And Delight. One of the trickiest things about this band is they’ve got more than one vocalist, a flexibility that allows them to tackle wildly different sounds even if they stay within the same overarching grungy dirt-blues wheelhouse. We’ve heard their traditional frontman Joe Scala crooning through more upbeat tracks “Otherworldly Pleasures” and “Push And Pull (All The Time)” and Peter Stringer-Hye on the excellent lament “She Takes Me There.
  12. Pieces of Me is a solo album by former Affinity vocalist Linda Hoyle. Only 300 copies of the album were pressed. It is one of Vertigo’s rarest albums.
  13. Cluster & Eno is a collaborative album by the German electronic music group Cluster and English ambient musician Brian Eno. The style of this album is a collection of gentle melodies: a mixture of Eno’s ambient sensibilities and Cluster’s avant-garde style. In June, 1977 the duo of Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius joined with Brian Eno for recording sessions at Conny Plank’s studio. The first release from those sessions on Sky Records was Cluster & Eno. Guest musicians on the album included Can bassist Holger Czukay and Asmus Tietchens on synthesizer. The association with Eno brought Cluster a much wider audience than previous albums and international attention.
  14. The Grip Weeds are an American rock band from Highland Park, New Jersey. Their music is often classified in the power pop, psychedelic rock and garage rock categories. Influences include The Beatles, The Who, Big Star, Buffalo Springfield, The Yardbirds, The Smithereens, The Byrds, Jefferson Airplane, and others.
  15. as 2
  16. as 5
  17. The Hunches were Portland’s finest purveyors of cacophonous garage, delivering ragged-edged rock ‘n’ roll with such devastating hidden melody, the Tour CD from 2005 included a live Peel Session.
  18. Nashville Obsolete marks the 7th studio album on which Gillian Welch and Rawlings have collaborated together in their acclaimed two decade long creative partnership, including their most recent offering, the GRAMMY nominated Gillian Welch release The Harrow and the Harvest (2011), the 2009 Dave Rawlings Machine release A Friend of a Friend which MOJO hailed as “the best Americana debut of the year” in their 4-star review, and the 2001 Gillian Welch masterpiece Time.
  19. Columbus, Ohio symphonic dream-prog duo, The Receiver,  the group’s debut on progressive powerhouse, Kscope – released on June 23 in North America & 29th June in the UK.
  20. A collaborative album ‘Cultural Thrift’, with Hull poet and writer Joe Hakim  available at Bandcamp. It was recorded by Dan Mizen at Active Audio Studios in Harrogate during 2014/15. Featured musicians are  Maria Jardardottir on vocals, Dave Kemp on saxes and assorted instruments  and Nick Dunne on guitar solos and E-Bow.
  21. Explosive, unapologetic and infectious, Mickey 9s are four friends from Glasgow who have been playing together since their school days. They describe seeing Daft Punk’s Alive Tour as “a spiritual-like encounter” that inspired them to try to make dance music without synths. After much experimentation, the band found their sound and everything else soon fell into place, right down to the enigmatic image of their masked lead singer, known as St. Cool.
  22. After a fast-paced year touring the UK and Europe, Hull (UK) based Counting Coins are to release ‘All That I Need’ as the second single from their forthcoming self-titled album on the 23rd of November.
  23. as 6
  24. New single out 23/11/15 on UGLY MAN records. Recorded at Motor Museum Studios with Carlo Variola of Ocean Waves Productions and award-winning engineer James Mellor.
  25. Rock, fuzz, garage, noise, rock, psych, punk, from Toronto. Get it on Bandcamp.
  26. 2013 release from punk rockers from Savannah, Georgia. Get it on Bandcamp.
  27. The Sneaky Nixons describe themselves as an angry, semi-political, semi-religious, part-feminist sloppy activist group who play riotous, steam-train guitar music. They have declared war on electronic dance music, guns, promoters, and non-believers of their Rock-n-Roll terrorism. Flashy, arrogant and with a startling superiority complex , the band say they have no time whatsoever for humdrum normality, preferring the out of control, dangerous and volatile, in order to live their lives in a brutal, riotous and rock-n-roll fashion. The Sneaky Nixons’ ‘Sex’ is taken from the forthcoming eponymous compliation album from Across the Ocean Waves Productions, which features the most exciting bands active on Liverpool’s vibrant music scene. All the tracks on the album have been produced by label owner Carlo Variola.Please note – the video accompanying this track contains strong images and graphic content.
  28. Metal, grunge, Psychedelia from Wigan.
  29. as 2
  30. From the new and second volume of early demos from Dave.

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