World of Jazz 152


  1. Charlie Mariano – Suite of the Festival – Cascade
  2. Ben Allison – Dragzilla – Seven Arrows
  3. Peggy Stern – Lemon Essence – The Fuschia
  4. Edward Vesala – Coming of the Nocturnal Sun – Heavy Life
  5. The Ganelin Trio – Who is afraid of Anthony Braxton? – Encores
  6. Elton Dean Quartet – Dede Bup Bup – They All Be On This Old Road
  7. Charles Tolliver – The Ringer – The Ringer
  8. Albert Mangelsdorff – Triple Tip – Live at Dug, Tokyo
  9. Albert Ayler – Deep River – Goin’ Home


  1. 1974 Dutch release on Keystone with Philip Catherine, John Lee , Gerry Brown, Jasper Van ‘t Hof, Chris Hinze, Michaël Samson and Rob Van Den Broeck.
  2. Debut album by bassist Ben Allison. It was released on the Koch Records label in 1996. Also features Ted Nash – Saxophones, Frank Kimbrough – Piano, Ron Horton – Trumpet and Tim Horner – Drums.
  3. 1997 album on Koch with a stellar line up of Thomas Chapin, Drew Gress and Bobby Previte.
  4. Edward gathers together an all star line-up for this 1980 release from Leo records, with James Spaulding, Howard Johnson, Reggie Workman, Tomasz Stańko, Chico Freeman, J. D. Parran. Bob Stewart and Joe Daley.
  5. 1994 release on Leo of various live recordings – most of the tracks being a date in Moscow.
  6. Classic UK jazz  from 1977 originally released on Ogun – Dean is joined by Chris Lawrence, Keith Tippett and Louis Moholo.
  7. 1992 release on Black Lion  of an original on Polydor from 1969 – Tolliver’s band comprises   Steve Novosel, Jimmy Hopps and Stanley Cowell.
  8. Recorded live at the jazzclub DUG, February 15, 1971 in Tokyo. Bass – Günter Lenz, Drums – Ralf Hübner, Tenor Saxophone – Heinz Sauer and Trombone – Albert Mangelsdorff. Originally released via Enja/
  9. Recorded at Atlantic Studios, New York City 24th February 1964. Bass – Henry Grimes, Drums – Arthur ‘Sonny’ Murray, Piano – Call Cobbs Jr.  and Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – Albert Ayler.  Original release was in 1971 with the most notable recent one being on Black Lion in 1994.


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