Aural Delights 151

So there were a couple of things on the list to do. Firstly a way to incorporate a performance of  Alan Ginsberg’s ground-breaking poem “Howl” into a podcast, and secondly a chance to highlight the work of  controversial band Butthole Surfers. They both seemed like something that could work together. The plan was to find some music to go with the Ginsberg performance rather than a pure dry audience reading so I searched around for some suitable contemporary music,  dub reggae,  ethiopian funk and some american spiritual jazz, all of which needed to be consistent with the tone of the poem. Howl lasts 20-ish minutes so there needed to be around 100 minutes to make up a two hour show. Fortunately the new Franco Bandini EP was due out, and thematically had a good fit. For the rest a random dip in the archive with an eye to creating musical flows that create some sort of tension.  So there are some new releases, some older archive tunes, and a revisit to some of the more recent releases which have caught my ear.

Please be warned that Ginsberg poem was originally the subject of legal action for obscenity and there are words and themes in this podcast which some may find offensive.


  1. Danny Short – Make Me Happy – Reformation Radio Show Session
  2. Butthole Surfers – The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey’s Grave – Butthole Surfers
  3. Franco Bandini -Nashville, Kid – 2014 was a bad year
  4. Alan Ginsberg – Howl Part 1 – Howl and Other Poems
  5. Heroin in Tahiti – Salting Carthago – Sun And Violence
  6. Butthole Surfers – Lady Sniff – Psychic…Powerless…Another Man’s Sac
  7. My Baby – Remedy II – Single
  8. Alan Ginsberg – Howl Part 2 – Howl and Other Poems
  9. Dr Alimantando – In The Kingdom of Dub – In The Mix
  10. Joy Division – Shadowplay – Unknown Pleasures
  11. Billie Holiday – These Foolish Things – Billie Holiday Sings
  12. Jethro Tull – Locomotive Breath – Aqualung
  13. Butthole Surfers – Cowboy Bob – Live PCPPEP
  14. Bauhaus – Double Dare – In The Flat Field
  15. Butthole Surfers – Ricky – Hairway to Steven
  16. St Christopher Medal – Glori – Single
  17. Butthole Surfers – Sea Ferring – Rembrandt Pussyhorse
  18. Transistors – Confidence Man – Cuppa Jarra Brossa
  19. Alan Ginsberg – Howl Part 3 – Howl and Other Poems
  20. Mulatu Astakte – Nestanet  (Liberty) – Ethiopiques Volume 4: Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale 1969-1974
  21. Butthole Surfers – To Parter – Cream Corn From The Socket of Davis
  22. Franco Bandini – The Whiskey, Guns & Bridges Blues – 2014 was a band year
  23. Gil Scott Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – Small Talk at 125th and Lenox
  24. Butthole Surfers – Bong Song – Widowermaker!
  25. What Tyrants – Far Out – No Luck
  26. Mild High Club – Windowpane – Timeline
  27. Butthole Surfers – The O-Men – Locust Abortion Technician
  28. Franco Bandini – Videotapes – 2014 was a bad year
  29. Alan Ginsberg – Howl Part 4 – Howl and Other Poems
  30. Yusef Lateef – Brother John – Jazz Supreme : Spiritual Love Is Everywhere
  31. Dave Graney – Three Dead Passengers In a Stolen Secondhand Ford – Rock ‘n’ Roll is where I hide
  32. Staggs – Ron was Cool – Weird Kids EP
  33. The Lancashire Hustlers – I’m Reckoning Up – What Made Him Run
  34. The Masterbakers – Cracked – Clouds Over Happy Town
  35. Pixies – Gigantic – Death to the Pixies


  1. Danny has been busy recently busy drumming with The Transmitters and admits he hasn’t had chance to do any new solo material. Here’s a stunning pop classic he did for me as part of a radio session. An ironic statement to start the show perchance?
  2. As mentioned above I had long aspired to include Butthole Surfers in a podcast and I’ve managed to pick my favourite cut from each of their main albums. A band that courted controversy from the outset and none more so than with this opening statement of intent. Be prepared for bad language and themes that are as un-PC as possible. Is it Art?
  3. It’s been a great pleasure working with Sam Smith on this new project, I really enjoyed his previous work but he has reached new heights with this latest EP under the new name Franco Bandini. Harrowing stuff , full of emotion , and a clear indication that you need to stop listening to covers band and tribute acts and get your ears around some new music.
  4. Slicing up this performance of Howl was never going to be an easy task – the piece flows as one stream of conciousness in the most part – so the the sections in the podcast are a little arbritary. The most contemporary piece of music to go with this first section, and the most appropriate seemed to be from the excellent Heroin in Tahiti from this years mammoth release. Tracks 4 and 5 are mixed together but are listed seperately for Mixcloud consistency.
  5. as 4.
  6. as 1.
  7. The promo says : MY BABY’s new single ‘Remedy II’ is a newly re-recorded alternative version of the track originally found on their debut album Shamanaid. Its stomping, sultry groove evokes the likes of The Allman Brothers, Delaney & Bonnie, The Black Crowes, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Dungen and Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac. Bewitching vocalist Cato van Dyke weaves her beguiling incantations atop the song’s hypnotic rhythmic repetitions, answered by the cracking, howling guitar of Daniel “daFreez” Johnston. With this song, MY BABY demonstrate an uncanny ability to distill hallowed influences into a sound that is wholly, unmistakably, powerfully now. The band say, “We wrote Remedy together with our producer after listening to lots of African funk, Sahara desert blues and psychedelic trance. You can trace those influences. We do try to emulate much of that and set out to create a song that celebrates the healing power of music. It’s a re-occurring theme across all cultures and is something that continues to inspire us. The idea behind the song also references, and is inspired by shamanism as shamans sing repetitive trance inducing melodies in rituals in order to heal the afflicted. A search for redemption after a troublesome past and having faced adversity in your life. An abusive situation. A lost or unanswered love. A remedy is found in a melody”
  8. For some reason, probably wholly inappropriate, I thought some dub reggae would work well with the second part of the Ginsberg piece, and who better than the good Doctor. Tracks 8 and 9 are mixed together
  9. as 8.
  10. With New Order morphing into Giorgio Moroder and getting more pop, and Hooky continuing his live work celebrating his history, what better than to go back to the original version for some reference. With so much music out there it is sometimes best to refer back to key moments and reflect on context and content.
  11. An ironic statement given the previous track but what a statement, one of the great singers.
  12. Continuing the theme there are moments when bands just get it right. No doubt I will upset a few purists but for me Ian Anderson reached a creative peak with the Aqualung album and this stand out track from the album evokes some pretty happy memories of a very good year.
  13. as 1.
  14. I’d left Northampton for good by the time the Haskins brothers managed to claw their way into the collective conciousness of the nation thanks to Mr Peel. It seems odd, looking back, that a band like this could emerge from the Northampton music scene, which was mostly innately conservative and backward looking. It set the stage for a rush of things from the general county area which would challenge presumptions about all sorts of genres. Again another creative peak and after this album I sort of lost interest in what they were up to. That first Peel session always sticks in the mind as something rather special.
  15. as 1.
  16. Released on 12th October the promo says :  ““This is the second best song ever written where the writer just lifts the story wholesale from a novel and presents it as something new. The best is obviously “Wuthering Heights” by Kate Bush. The third best is “Killing An Arab” by The Cure. There aren’t any others. In my case the novel is “The Wise And Foolish Virgins” by Don Hannah. A good novel. Worth a try.” – Ali Mathieson, St. Christopher Medal. Following the two well received trailer singles “Vatersay Love Song” and “From A Zafira Comfort”, “Glori” finally heralds the much delayed release of the album “Sunny Day Machine”, which is now due for release on CD and download format on Friday 30th October on Stereogram Recordings.” Hopefully I will get a copy to review.
  17. as 1.
  18. As I write The Fall are down in New Zealand and about to perform. A country with some great music output at the moment, especially from the Melted Ice Cream label, a collective from the Christchurch area, and this punk/garage outfit.
  19. Part 3 of the epic Ginsberg piece and a little African jazz-funk courtesy of the great Malatu. Tracks 19 and 20 are mixed together.
  20. as 19.
  21. as 1.
  22. as 3.
  23. A live version, Gil’s rant seem appropriate at the moment given the BBC’s current run of form on the truth, and the right leaning nature of much of the British press. Yes, I know. politics and music is always a dangerous area to venture into but sometimes you’ve just got to do it.
  24. As 1.
  25. From Minneapolis – noise pop, post-punk, and surf turned into short, fuzzed-out sonic outbursts, freakouts that go down easy and beg repeating. Get if from Bandcamp.
  26. I can’t find out much about this lot on the ‘net other than they are from Los Angeles/Chicago, Check them out on Bandcamp.
  27. as 1.
  28. as 3.
  29. The final part with some relevant sounds from the late great Dr Lateef. Perhaps the whole background thing should have been jazz given the time the poem emerged from but where’s the fun in being contemporary? Tracks 29 and 30 are mixed together.
  30. as 29.
  31. Dave’s got a new demos album at the end of the month. One of his best songs here. And I always make a point of listening to Dave’s weekly show on RRR Radio in Melbourne folks, it’s always good, he had John McLaughlin on last week, which was essential listening, and then followed that up with a great live set from Dan Kelly, an artist I now need to check out.
  32. Messrs Scott and Ridley consistently produce remarkable music and this is a classic. They should be internationally famous and making lots of money but whoever said life was fair. Get it on Bandcamp.
  33. One of the better albums of 2015 – I do recommend you check these out.
  34. Another stunner of an album from 2015 as previously featured.
  35. Kim Deal with a voice that melts that hearts of even the most embittered person….and a suitable way to end a “gigantic” undertaking…..

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