Aural Delights 150


  1. Slim Customers – A Girl That Can Kill – Mortlake Milk
  2. Bikini Cops – Another Planet – I
  3. The Seven Twenty – Haiku – The Seven Twenty
  4. Kids In Heat – Lies – High Energy, Low Income
  5. Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – Waiting for Blood – The Night Creeper
  6. Kin – Old Friend – SlowTV
  7. Loscil – Rorschach – Plume
  8. Grant McLennan – What Went Wrong – Simone & Perry
  9. Robert Forster – Disaster In Motion – Songs to Play
  10. The Seven Twenty – Corridors – The Seven Twenty
  11. The Ramsgate Hovercraft – Casimir – Arcane Empire Redux 2
  12. Nemo – The Man Who Never Stood Up – The Shadow of A Blue Snail
  13. Efialtis – Efialtis – Demo
  14. Monkeys In Love – Installation Song #1 – pre-release
  15. Proud Honey – Weekend Millionaire – Single
  16. Vial – You’re Not Safe – 7″
  17. The Seven Twenty – Technicolor – The Seven Twenty
  18. Jenny Hansen – River – Single
  19. Dave Graney feat. Clare Moore – I Need Some Scratch – Fearful Wiggings
  20. Nemo – Fixing My Bottle – The Shadow of A Blue Snail
  21. The Creeping Ivies – Chicken Voodoo – Your New Favourite Garage Band
  22. Tapper Zukie – Marcus – MPLA
  23. John Lee Hooker – Crawlin’ Kingsnake – I’m John Lee Hooker
  24. Cattle – Somehow Near – Somehow Near Songs
  25. Van Der Graaf Generator – Ship of Fools – Single
  26. Courtney Barnett – Pedestrian At Best – Sometime I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit
  27. Staggs – The 13th Hour – Mother Nature’s Bastard Sons
  28. Bouquet of Dead Crows – Like A Flower – Of The Night
  29. Moff Skellington – Potato Pickers – 100
  30. Franco Bandini – Side B – 100
  31. West Coast Sick Line – Best Lost In Translation – 100


  1. London based trio – Bandcamp
  2. Garage punk band from Perth – Bandcamp
  3. From the new album from Cambridge based band – Reviewed Here
  4. Garage punk from Murietta, California – Bandcamp
  5. Back to Cambridge for more fuzzed out weirdness,
  6. Another one from the new album from Kin – now based in The Netherlands.
  7. Promo track , Kranky have announced plans to release the fourth Loscil album, “Plume” for the first time on vinyl format. This classic record, originally released May 2006, will be released via the label on double LP 16th October. This news arrives as Loscil aka Scott Morgan also reveals tour dates in November, which marks the first official European tour since the release of the most recent album “Sea Island”. For those of you who live near me he is on at The Eagle in the Blackfriars area of Sunny Salford on November 23rd, one of only three UK dates, so a bit of a coup for us lot round these parts.
  8. Released as a single around the time of the release of the Horsebreaker Star double album.
  9. ….and his musical partner for the new album, which is rather good.
  10. as 3.
  11. From the re-release of the debut album. Mark Bandola and Kit Jolly in fine form.
  12. Releases on German Shepherd on October 16th – a collection of instrumental sketches.
  13. London based band of which there is very little information – Bandcamp
  14. A work in progress
  15. Scottish four piece Proud Honey launches new single ‘​Weekend Millionaire’ ​out on the 17th October 2015, Influenced by a credit card fuelled stag do on which the band members went out on the town and spent ‘ridiculous amounts of money we didn’t have’
  16. Punk from Los Angeles – Bandcamp
  17. as 3.
  18. October single release from the Stockholm based artist.
  19. From the outstanding recent album and a remake of an older tune from the Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye album. The ever busy Dave promises a new demos album by the end of the month.
  20. as 12
  21. Another one from this exciting new band via Flowers In The Dustbin
  22. Classic dub
  23. From a rare album on Verve from the late 50s
  24. Lot of fuss being made about these at the moment – Japanese dream pop with lots of fuzz
  25. Came out around the time of Vital…..heavy!
  26. Fine work from Ms Barnett and one of my favourite albums of the year.
  27. There’s a compilation of German Shepherd artists coming out in a couple of weeks to celebrate their 100th release – this is on it
  28. As 27 and from the new album which you can now pre-order
  29. A brand new piece of Moff from the album mentioned in 27.
  30. An outtake track from the recent 2014 recordings – which you can pre-order – this one is on the compilation mentioned in 27.
  31. As 27 and a brand new track from Deganwy’s finest

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