Aural Delights 148


  1. Sex Drive – Pop Walker – Demo
  2. The Pacers – Losing Touch – Losing Touch
  3. Kin – Concrete Face – Slowtv
  4. Can – A Spectacle – Deutsche Elektronische Musik
  5. Gillbanks – Start Again – Lend Me Your Skin
  6. Jaga Jazzist – Starfire – Starfire
  7. Robert Forster – I’m So Happy For You
  8. Ciaoculos – Hey Little Girl – Hey Little Girl
  9. La Société Des Timides À La Parade Des Oiseaux – Idol – La Société Des Timides À La Parade Des Oiseaux;
  10. The Chadelics – Out of Line – Out of Line/ICU
  11. Lights That Change – Voices – Byzantium
  12. Angéline – Black Butterflies – Back to Pike Place
  13. The Dance Asthmatics – Liquid Lunch – Lifetime of Secretion
  14. Kandodo 3 – Laud The Hyena (Live at ATP) – PZYK
  15. Sheraf – Real Home – Sheraf EP 1
  16. Deepshade – This Line
  17. Creepy Karpis – Holy Smokes – Try Harder Demo
  18. Weirdonia – I Like Rumble Fish – Freaks
  19. Rik & The Pigs – Steve B Goode – Demo
  20. White Mystery – Dubble Dragon – Dubble Dragon
  21. Yay High – Sour Milk – Sour Milk
  22. Space Museum – Klaus In Studio One – Pump Junk


  1. Pre Post-Punks from Australia’s Gold Coast – Bandcamp
  2. The Pacers draw their influences from the sixties Psych/Garage scene, mixing it up with their own unique ideas to create unforgettable and energetic live performances in the same vein as The Stooges and The Stones, with a healthy dose of freakout psychedelia. The band formed in the late summer of 2013 when Alexander Friedl and guitarist Harry Stam met under what they describe as “mysterious circumstances”. With a shared interest in all things 60’s and a desire to escape the monotony of everyday life, they duo picked up their guitars and began writing songs. A former bandmate of Harry, bass player Jay Creswell, was next to join The Pacers, closely followed by drummer Jamie Yuan. With the line up complete, the band set about making a name for themselves on the underground music scene, playing a string of venues primarily in north and east London which have earned them a loyal and ever increasing fanbase. ‘Losing Touch’ is their debut single. – Facebook
  3. New album from Kim Foster and friends finds her in shoegaze/Radiohead mode. The album has a strongly defined identity and blends into a seamless stream, Not as good as Flickering I thought.
  4. From a 24 track 2xCD compilation on Soul Jazz which is an excellent primer for German Music between 1972 and 1983.  Derived from the Can album also known  as Inner Space (and, with additional tracks, as Legendary Can), which was  is the eleventh studio album by the group, released in 1979. Former bassist Holger Czukay’s involvement with this album is limited to tape editing, Rosko Gee had taken over his duties at that time. The last album before the reunion album Rite Time ten years later it was released after the band’s break-up.
  5. From the debut EP Lend Me Your Skin which will be released on 25th November.
  6. Five years since One Armed Bandit, and a couple of years since the disappointing Live with the Britten Symphonia, this is a return to form.
  7. Another one from Roberts new release which is universally great.
  8. A Dee Clark cover from the French rockers n a Bo Diddley style, originally released in 2005.
  9. More French music, this time from Rennes, and a lttle slice of 80s prog.
  10. Out on October 25th – Cumbrian band that describe themselves as “brit-pop” – Bandcamp
  11. Shoegaze from the forthcoming album Byzantium – Bandcamp
  12. Originally from Loire Atlantique in France, singer/songwriter Angéline is now based in London, the city in which she studied for her music degree. She describes her latest EP ‘Back to Pike Place’ as bold and raw, contrasting with the more traditional nature of her first EP ‘Home’, released in October 2014.
  13. Described as experimental post-punk this outfit are from New Zealand – Bandcamp
  14. From the recent Cardinal Fuzz compilation celebrating the Liverpool Psych Festival.
  15. Garage rock from France – Bandcamp
  16. The track is taken from their forthcoming debut ‘Everything Popular is Wrong’, out in stores on Friday 25th September. ‘Everything Popular is Wrong‘ was recorded with producer John Kettle (Merry Hell, Moko, Tansads) and mastered by Fran Ashcroft (Spin Jupiter Spin, Gorillaz). The record is a call to arms for anyone who is absorbed by gritty rock akin to Kyuss and Led Zeppelin. The band have set loose their new video for ‘The Line’, and it’s a driving piece of contagious stoner-esque alt-rock which tips it hat to QOTSA and Nirvana.
  17. Dutch DIY punk – Bandcamp
  18. A Garage Punk duo from Canada – they have a healthy back catalogue – Bandcamp
  19. DIY Punk from Portland, Oregon – Bandcamp
  20. White Mystery is the ferocious rock’n’roll sibling duo of Miss Alex White and Francis Scott Key White from Chicago. – Bandcamp
  21. Garage Punk from Detroit – Bandcamp
  22. The latest release from Eccles practitioner of the dark arts of Ableton – this latest one has taken a decidedly jazz direction, out on Friday – Bandcamp

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