Aural Delights 147


  1. The German Shepherds – Socialists (are back) – Single
  2. Courtney Barnett – Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go To The Party – Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit
  3. Poppycock – Mexico -Single
  4. Janitor Joe – H’mong Today, Hung Tomorrow – Single
  5. Damn Vandals – I Hate School – Single
  6. The Insight – Give Me A Chance – White Noise
  7. The Sunday Reeds – Pretty People – Pretty People
  8. Johann Kloos – The Village – Flower Bed
  9. Northern Uproar – Outlaws Robbing Trains – Hey Samurai!
  10. IKMRAO – Doomsville – Single
  11. Faust – It’s A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl – Deutsche Elektronische Musik
  12. Robert Forster – Learn To Burn – Songs To Play
  13. The Lost Art – Kicking The Habit – The Lost Art
  14. The Black Sparrows – 2 Dirty Lips – Tyskie Tapes
  15. Steve Hauschildt – Where All Is Fled – Where All Is Fled
  16. Sarah Williams Wright – Winter Sun – Single
  17. Robert Forster – Let Me Imagine You – Songs To Play
  18. The Blue Bloods – Disco Punk Daddy – Phone Sex
  19. Gabrielle Papillon – Got You Well – The Tempest Of Old
  20. Monster Jaw – Your Day Will Come – Single
  21. The Savage Blush – Girl – Quattuor Ante Meridiem
  22. Damn Vandals – Whisky Going Free – Single
  23. Robert Forster – Songwriters On The Run – Songs To Play
  24. The German Shepherds – The Unforgiving Streets – Single


  1. A charity single from the two chaps behind German Shepherd Records – the tune celebrates the recent changes in the UK Labour Party.
  2. I heard this on Dave Graney’s excellent Banana Lounge Broadcasting radio show on RRR Radio Melbourne. An excellent album and a stand out track.
  3. Releases on German Shepherd Records on 25th September – debut release for Una Baines latest band.
  4. Janitor Joe was an American noise rock band formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1992. The band’s founding members were vocalist and guitarist Joachim Breuer, former member of the Minneapolis-based rock band Bastards, bassist and vocalist Kristen Pfaff and drummer Matt Entsminger. Pfaff was replaced by Wayne Davis following her departure in 1993 to join Hole. Janitor Joe released two studio albums and four singles on OXO and Amphetamine Reptile before disbanding after Pfaff’s death in June 1994. The featured track was the first single release by the band.
  5. Brand new single from the London based band. Releases on November 6th. Thanks to Frank Pick from the band for sending it through.
  6. French post-punkers – from the forthcoming album “White Noise”.
  7.  Melbourne based band The Sunday Reeds are Romana Ashton (vocals, bass) and Drew Jones (guitars). Their debut LP ‘Drowning in History, released through UK indie label Squirrel Records in 2009, led to an extensive European tour in 2010. Latest single ‘Pretty People’ written by Romana Ashton, produced by the band and mixed by James Aparicio (Spiritualized and Mute Records) offers an insight into the direction of the album that the duo are currently writing. A video for the single will be released on the 12th of October to coincide with the official release of the track to the public. The Sunday Reeds will plan to tour Europe in 2016.
  8. From the good doctors most recent release. He has a gig in London coming up supporting The Things.
  9. Northern Uproar release a new album on October 9th 2015. ‘Hey Samurai!’, the Mancunian band’s fifth studio album, is set to impress fans and critics alike, challenging preconceptions through its unique blending of classic indie with Spanish influences, resulting in one of the most compelling and accomplished albums of this year. Northern Uproar exploded onto the Britpop scene in 1995 when teenagers Leon Meya (vocals/bass) and Jeff Fletcher (guitar) began writing music together, recruiting their friends Paul Kelly (guitar) and Keith Chadwick (drums). The band became known for their energetic live shows, earning the attention of the UK music press and a deal from Heavenly Recordings. Barely out of school, they entered the studio with Manic Street Preachers’ frontman James Dean Bradfield and producer Dave Eringa to record their eponymous debut album. Mainstream success came quickly. A handful of Top 40 singles including ‘From a Window’ and ‘Livin It Up’ together with their acclaimed album resulted in regular appearances on national media. The release of a second album ‘Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today’ prompted critics to hail the record as a huge leap forward for Leon and Jeff’s songwriting and lead single ‘Any Way You Look’ was another UK chart hit, but the album didn’t fare well commercially and Northern Uproar parted ways with their label. The band split up in 1999. Leon returned to his Spanish roots, immersing himself in the country’s musical culture, however demand for a Northern Uproar reunion grew and fans finally got the news they’d been waiting for in 2004. Leon and Jeff reunited to play two Manchester gigs, delighting the crowd with classic tracks as well as debuting their new material. By 2006 Leon and Jeff, along with Leon’s cousin Noel on drums and friend of the band Chris Gorman on guitar, were ready to start work on a third album. The result was ‘Stand And Fight’. Demonstrating a harder edge to their sound and highlighting the band’s punk influences, the songs carried a strong air of defiance, capturing the sound of four friends making music they loved, unrestrained by commercial concerns. A UK tour followed, together with festival appearances in Spain and a few shows with Liverpool band The Coral, at the invitation of vocalist James Skelly. By this point drummer Alex Stubbs had joined the ranks and the band were ready to go back into the studio to record new material, most of which has remained unreleased. Leon explains: “We didn’t really have an interest in pushing the stuff we’d recorded. The music industry is enough to make anyone sick after a while. But we wrote and played regardless because we love it”. Although Northern Uproar didn’t split up, Leon’s life in Spain meant the band wouldn’t perform live again until May 2011 when they were asked to headline ‘This Feeling’, a Britpop night at The Vibe Bar in London. The overwhelming reaction of the huge crowd present that night led Leon to announce plans to release new material, teasing fans with the possibility of more live shows during an interview with Xfm. Northern Uproar’s fourth studio album ‘ All That Was Has Gone’ was the last album Leon and guitarist Chris would write with Jeff Fletcher who was tragically killed in a road accident in 2014. Following Jeff’s passing, Leon took control of songwriting duties assisted by Chris, resulting in latest album ‘Hey Samurai!’ This album marks a departure from the band’s original sound as they embrace Spanish influences and explore Latin rhythms to create an utterly unique, beautiful and highly accomplished collection of songs, marking a new chapter for these hugely talented and versatile musicians.
  10. IKMRAO return with their second release on German Shepherd which strays into Drum and Bass territory.
  11. Classic Faust from a 2010 compilation of the great German bands released by Soul Jazz.
  12. His sixth solo release and the first since 2007’s The Evangelist.
  13. Oxford based duo who deliver a palatable, unique and refreshing approach to the much vaunted and mostly awful nu-folk movement. Facebook
  14. Soth London band with a cheeky chappy look about them, they call themselves punk and roll. All cloth caps and vintae clothes and I normally wouldn’t go for this sort of vaudevillian approach but thought they sounded sufficiently different to warrant some exposure. Facebook
  15. Steve Hauschildt’s new album is his first since the late 2012 release of “Sequitur.” Although “Where All Is Fled” sonically harkens back to his earlier albums such as “Rapt for Liquid Minister” and “Tragedy & Geometry”, it slowly becomes apparent that it is also a divergence from those recordings. Both the artwork and the music on this new work were heavily inspired by surrealist landscape paintings, early alchemical emblems, and recurring visions Steve had from dreams. The result is a pristine series of cascading melodies, fantastical terrains of layered lattices, and overlapping patterns of synthesizers superimposed with orchestral instrumentation. Hidden in the crevices of the album are processed crowd sounds, re-sampled text-to-speech synthesis, piano, and animal noises which reveal themselves after repeated listens and blur together notions of artificial and natural sound. While slowly unfurling, each sound is given it’s own place and space, never hurried, never cluttered. The album is a modern kosmische milepost, and the most accomplished statement of Steve Hauschildt’s vision yet.
  16. To celebrate her signing to First Word Records and announce her forthcoming mini-album ‘Of The New World’ Sarah Williams White has released ‘Winter Sun’ as a free download. Here’s a little background to the track from Sarah herself:’I wrote this track to gratify all these images from films I had in my mind like Empire of The Sun, Fist of The North Star… imagery of a post apocalyptic/war-torn world, but nature with it’s strength and beauty just standing it’s ground! The Sun, or that something at the end of the tunnel that gives hope through darker times..

    All my new music seems to have this underlying theme of time and repair, and the awesomeness of earth. Its a bit of a theme throughout my upcoming record Of The New World.

    ‘Winter Sun’ started out as a li’l instrumental idea with my Hohner Pianet over a beat of Timmy’s (Timmy Rickard is the drummer and engineer I work with) – I’d been listening to a lot of Roy Ayers! Then it kinda filled itself out over time into a more spacey harmonic piece with the poem and vocals, new b-boy drum grooves from timmy and my juno 106 playing the glaring Sun.’     It was released on 17 September 2015 and is an inventive jazzy tune which improves on repeat listening.

  17. as 12
  18. Garage rock from Auckland, New Zealand – Bandcamp
  19. Canadian singer who releases her album on 25th September. – Facebook
  20. Leeds/Bradford hard rock trio who are continuing to offer their entire back catalogue as a free download – Facebook
  21. From Denver. Colorado The Savage Blush is a band with a reverbated, dirty mix of Psychedelic, Garage, Surf, and elements. Imagine some Link Wray, Grace Slick, The Seeds, and Billy Childish making some musical baby in a basement bathtub.- Bandcamp
  22. as 5
  23. as 12
  24. The second of two charity singles being released by German Shepherd – this one is about homelessness.

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