Aural Delights 146


  1. The Creeping Ivies – Buggin’ – Your Favourite New Garage Band
  2. Death To The Strange – The Witches – Single pre-release
  3. The Happy Fallen – Monkey Boots – Lost and Found
  4. Black Bats – Heavy Sick – Black Bats
  5. Saint Cole – The Octopus Tree (intro) – Within This Skin
  6. Dead Sea Apes – Brought To Light – Spectral Domain
  7. JK Flesh – Nothing Is Free – Nothing Is Free
  8. Nina Simone – The Ballad Of Hollis Brown – Let It All Out
  9. Katy Lied – Black – Black
  10. The Little Unsaid – Can We Hear It? – Can We Hear It?
  11. Miraflores – Happy Family – One Unique Signal vs Miraflores
  12. Minami Deutsch – Forever Takemitsu – Minami Deutsch
  13. The Deadline Shakes – Slipping from your heart – Zealots
  14. Crack House Dragon – Grunge in Dadra – An Amalgamation Of Sorts…Part Zero
  15. Andrew R. Burns & The Tropicanas – Pop Snuff It – Delaydeez
  16. Thigh Master – Age of Concern – Songs To Wipe Your Mouth To 7″
  17. White Manna – Slow Dust – PZYK
  18. Johann Kloos – The Magician – Flower Bed
  19. Nathan and the Meanstreaks – Childstar Redemption – Nathan’s Home
  20. No Waves – River – Too Late
  21. One Unique Signal – Lester Bangs – One Unique Signal vs Miraflores
  22. Black Ally – Third Round Fist – Bootlegger
  23. Whitney K – 1994 – Pony
  24. Thirteen – Non Script – An Amalgamation Of Sorts…Part Zero


  1. The “Ivies” present thirteen slabs of punky rock and roll in the spirit of The Cramps, Rev Horton Heat, Tav Falco & Alex Chilton. Building on the excellent “The Witch House” EP the album offers a medley of an instantly recognisable styles delivered with joyous abandon. Led by vocalist/guitarist Becca Murray, they formed in 2011 and have recorded two previous albums . Debut ‘Stay Wild’ was released on vinyl via US label Dead Beat Records which was followed up a year later with the full length ‘Ghost World’. Following a line-up change and move to Glasgow the band have reached a creative peak with this new collection. Pre-order here
  2. Thanks to Tony T for sending this in my direction, from a new single due I know not when, Daniel Clarke sounding a tad different herein. Salford’s best kept secret.
  3. As previously played from the new selection of groovy garage psyche from Neale James. Salford’s other best kept secret. Any track with a slice of Anthony Aloysius Hancock in it is OK by me – Bandcamp
  4. Continuing the theme excellent garage psyche band from Brisbane, a pastiche of Mr Berry this time around, the whole album is remarkably good – Bandcamp
  5. Releases on 31st October – Nic (vocals/producer/DJ) and Curt (guitar/keys) are from  Dewsbury, West Yorkshire just two miles from Morley, home of the legendary nineties techno night The Orbit. Heavily influenced by this scene and the now legendary stories surrounding the club, Nic started producing and mixing hard dance/techno. Saint Cole represents Nic’s passion for dance music fused with his love of indie/rock. He cites influences as diverse as The Beatles, The Stone Roses, The La’s, Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack and Leftfield. Saint Cole was born when he started working with his life long friend Curt. The duo were soon joined by third band member Martin Kolcak who is based in Slovakia and contributes artwork, visuals and animation. Neither Nic nor Curt have met Martin yet, though this is set to change when Saint Cole embark on a tour in summer 2016, complete with live visuals. Superior blend of styles here offering something a little different from the norm  Web Page
  6. Manchester’s Dead Sea Apes have quickly built a fascinating catalogue that delivers equally  fascinating instrumental jams. From the riveting stomp of previously featured ‘Soy Dios’ and ‘Astral House,’ to the enigmatic ebb and flow laden ‘Lupus,’ and straight through to their stunning collaboration with Black Tempest, ‘The Sun Behind The Sun,’ Equally capable of crushing heavy riffing and  mesmerizing ambient space-psyche as heard on last years critically acclaimed ‘High Evolutionary’,  this is a band that gets better with every release. ‘Spectral Domain,’ is their third full length album. From the Lalo Schiffrin meets Cluster spy theme of ‘Brought To Light’, the driving noise juggernaut of ‘Universal Interrogator’ through to the dubbed out claustrophobia of ‘Sixth Side of the Pentagon’, this is wigged space rock of the highest order, and this new one shows a definate development. Releases on September 28th  in a visually striking sleeve and insert designed by Luke Insect on a purple and clear vinyl swirl be quick though only 200 are available. Cardinal Fuzz is the place to go, and I suggest you do.
  7. JK Flesh, the alter-ego of dark industrial pioneer Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu, Final, Techo-Animal), has just released a new nine-track EP entitled Nothing Is Free via Broadrick’s own Avalanche Recordings. Comprised of a collection of two years worth of material, Nothing Is Free is available through digital means only on a ‘pay as you like’/donations basis. By donating, you will receive a download of the album in 24 bit audio and PDF artwork. Produced by Justin himself, JK Flesh mutates and moulds techno, industrial, drum and bass, dub, and dubstep styles. Bandcamp
  8. 1966 and Nina covering Mr Zimmerman – ’nuff said.
  9. It says here – “Unfathomable Dark Artist ‘Katy Lied’ Release Debut Single upon Announcement of UK Tour dates. Debut Single ‘Black’ is a huge, dramatic, sweeping number, complete with massive hooks and a powerful fearless vocal performance from Katy Lied, immersed in striking production. “We are displaying a false misconception.” From the very first chorus from this debut the tone is set. Her lyrical content dissects the fine line between love and hate, gut-wrenching longing, and true despair and combines them with crunchy guitars, ethereal orchestral accents, and of course, her alluring piano tones.
    ‘Black’ will be released on Monday 26th October.”
  10. 9th October 2015 is the release date. The Little Unsaid was stewed up in the badlands of West Yorkshire by multi-instrumentalist, producer, poet and songwriter John Elliott. After beginning as a solo project, The Little Unsaid has evolved into a growing community of touring musicians and producers blending folk, electronica, orchestral music and a meticulous song-writing craft with John’s haunting, androgynous vocals. More at the Website
  11. New label Sister 9 asked me to share, share, share this – I am happy to oblige. Miraflores are from Seville and are purveyors of a fine and slightly unhinged form of blues rock.
  12. This is amazing. Emerging from the vibrant Japanese psych explosion that has recently birthed Kikagaku Moyo, Sundays & Cybele, as part of a new wave of acts that are making waves in the West, Minami Deutsch formed in 2014 and quickly went to work on this their debut album. The album is a product of their source bands while putting a fine new twist on them, capturing a motorik sensibility as the band locks into repetitive locked modular grooves. Source influences are Can, Neu! and La Duesseldorf (the clue is in the name) with added modernist synth swoops and whirls. Hypnotic repetition with subtle changes leaves this listener wanting much more. Stunning stuff. 28th September sees the release of a 500 pressing on Weissensee white vinyl. Go to those lovely people at Cardinal Fuzz again and you won’t be sorry.
  13. The Deadline Shakes have been releasing a series of high quality pop singles recently and the November release of album Zealots cements their deserved critical acclaim to date. There is a danger with pop bands that they tend to follow trends and absorb what’s going on around them and decompose into an amorphous pallid mass. This band operate on their own terms acting alone to create an amalgam of the best of UK pop from the last 60 years. Comparisons with The Beatles, CSNY, The Beach Boys, Belle and Sebastien and many others have been made, this is fair enought as the band have absorbed the best of those acts and created their own style. Folk-rock is an overused genre tag used these, and it has been applied to this band, it most definitely should not be, they have more in common with The Bee-Gees and Queen than Fairport Convention or some of the more recently industry stoked beardy nonsense. This is quality music with very strong production, sometimes epic in scale, and never dull. Bandcamp  for your pre-order.
  14. A combination of on-going projects and unreleased material: past and present. An Amalgamation Of Sorts…Part Zero features Milky Bomb Records network of individuals who weave in and out of each other’s spectrum. A group who all stood together would resemble a line-up of Marvel characters – maybe a little bit more freakish, occasionally disturbed with a little dash of marvelous – music with a twist of lemon. Milky Bomb Records is a homegrown, online record label created by Thirteen’s bassist, Simon Fairchild. The label specializes in showcasing and supporting those with talent and creativity who are overlooked or ignored. Crack House Dragon is a continuous project that so far has mashed up a couple of tracks, Grunge In Dadra, and features James Clayton of Sunday Driver (sitar/guitar). James has performed with Mothers Anger supporting Serj Tankian in Seattle, and recently collaborated with Seattle band, Motopony.CHD includes former and current members of Thirteen: Simon Fairchild, Joe Nicholson and Oli Perry. The whole album features eleven tracks. Label Website
  15. Alansmithee off-shots Andrew R Burns & The Tropicanas present that wonderfully loose pop sound that one associates with The Nectarine No 9 and other Davey Henderson projects. The band describe their music as “tropical dreamslop… lazy unpolished, reverb laden tunes.” That’s fair enough, it feels as though it’s about to collapse into the evening sunset, it’s relaxed, moody and rich. Even the song titles sound like something Henderson would have dreamed up, “Pop Slop-It” for example. There’s a touch of Orange Juice/Edwyn with the spidery guitar and akimbo chord changes and surf feel. Most enjoyable. Don’t be shy go and and pre-order it at Bandcamp.
  16. More obscure and interesting stuff from the dark corners of Brisbane. Bandcamp
  17. The lovely people at Cardinal Fuzz say “To celebrate Cardinal Fuzz hosting the Cardinal Fuzz Sonic Attack stage at this year’s Liver-pool International Festival of Psychedelia, the good Cardinal is releasing STAY HOLY to showcase some of the finest acts to have graced the LPF stage. On this opus, we have the titanic Black Bombaim’s Alexandria, the mighty White Manna’s Slow Dust, the incredible Carlton Melton’s Bloody Mary Jane, the incandescent Dead Sea Apes’ Coronal and tumultuous Kandodo3’s (captured by The Cardinal himself in vintage lo-fi Kornyfone fidelity) Laud The Hyena. All housed in a screen-printed gold on black sleeve with a reassuringly familiar design and pressed on a matching gold and black swirl vinyl”
  18. Dr Kloos back with more groovy sounds. A retrospective collection of material from 2003-2011 from the ever busy Johann. As usual it is jam packed full of musical ideas, replete with humorous idiosyncrasies, and damn fine. Johann moves between various genres across ten excellent tracks, one minute a piece of jazz-funk that Jan Hammer would have been proud of, the next atmospheric post-punk textures,  and then motorik driven beats .  This guy has more ideas in his little finger than any Coldplay wannabee that has been signed by a major. This guy should be supported and promoted he deserves the widest possible audience. Bandcamp
  19. Apparently all the band are called Nathan, from Toronto, and that’s all I know, other than it sounds damn fine. Bandcamp
  20. No Waves is a band of two high schoolers in Owasso, Oklahoma that makes simplistic, fuzzy garage rock. Bandcamp
  21. As 11 – One Unique Signal are London-based psych-space-kraut-noise-core rockers who spend the rest of their time being The Telescopes.
  22. Three piece from Leeds Bandcamp
  23. Band from Montreal of which I know little other than you can get this at Bandcamp
  24. As 14.  Thirteen defy categorization! More specifically this band is a pioneer of a new music genre known as “Meat Rock” or “Burger Music”. If you thought really hard you might imagine a seething meld of progressive jazz inflected groove metal and poly-rhythmic funk.Since meeting at a local institution for the infirm the band, Chemise (guitar), Simon (bass), Joe (drums) and Oli (vocals), enjoy writing ditties to satisfy their own strange desire for disturbing noises and to fizz the buds of the unsuspecting passer-by. After numerous gigs in and around London and supporting the likes of They Live! (East London hip-hop rock outfit) and Seattle’s Mothers Anger, the band now begin to record their first full-length album at Milky Bomb Studios. The track, “Non-Script”, is taken from The Bedroom Sessions, one of Thirteen’s latest instalments from last year’s release – highlighting the bands more recent material of what is yet to come. Genre: Alternative Rock/Math-Grunge

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