Aural Delights 143


  1. Bouquet of Dead Crows – Don’t Panic – Don’t Panic/Just A Little More
  2. Babes In Toyland – Ripe – To Mother
  3. BBQ – Threw My Girl A Party – BBQ
  4. Dave Graney – Night Of The Wolverine  Moss Side (Demo Version) – Night Of The Wolverine (Expanded Edition)
  5. The Runnies – Fire To Burn – You Can’t Win
  6. Corona Ferox – Cadillac – The Planet Is Doom
  7. Bison – Mandy – Travellers
  8. Christina Vantzou – Shadow Sun – No. 3
  9. Pylon – Crazy (Single Version) – Chomp More
  10. Joe Gibbs and the Professionals – African Dub – African Dub Almighty
  11. bAd bAd – Modern Man – bAd bAd
  12. Bouquet of Dead Crows –  Another Black Day – Together We Fall
  13. Interracial Love Triangle – Tara’s Kitchen – The Planet Is Doom
  14. Maff – Million Year Picnic – Maff EP
  15. Mikey Dread – Walk Rastafari Way – Evolutionary Rockers
  16. My Cruel Goro – Clash – My Cruel Goro EP
  17. Red Red Krovvy – Global Citizen – II
  18. Bouquet of Dead Crows – Just A Little More – Don’t Panic/Just A Little More
  19. Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes – Night Of The Wolverine 1 – Night Of The Wolverine (Expanded Edition)
  20. Midday Veil – Babel – This Wilderness
  21. The Ramsgate Hovercraft – Arcane Empire – Arcane Empire Redux 1
  22. The Fall – New Big Prinz – I Am Kurious Oranj
  23. Tad – Glue Machine – Salt Lick


  1. Released on German Shepherd on 28th August – review and interview here
  2. To Mother is the first EP recorded by Babes in Toyland consisting of the outtakes from the previous release Spanking Machine, but was rerecorded in Europe after their tour with Sonic Youth which can be seen on 1991: The Year Punk Broke. It was produced by John Loder, and released 3 August 1991 by Twin/Tone Records. A childhood photograph of Kat Bjelland’s mother, Lynne Irene Higginbotham, appears on the album’s cover.
  3. From the 2003 release
  4. From the expanded new edition. Dave says this version was inspired by Barry Adamson’s Moss Side Story album.
  5. The Runnies are a rock’n roll organ trio hailing from Chicago. Fronted by vocal extraordinaire Mary McKane. “Their sound is gnarly, the beats are totally slammin, and the leads are freaky-deaky”. This was recorded in the Spring and Summer of 2011 By Johnathan Crawford at Le Swamp. Mastered by Carl Saff. Grab it here as pay what you want.
  6. Grab it on Bandcamp
  7. It’s some five years since the release of Bison’s acclaimed debut single, “Way To LA”, the result of a series of productive studio sessions between Paul ‘Mudd’ Murphy, long-time collaborator Ben Smith, krautrock legend Holgar Czukay and vocalist Ursula Major. Since then, Murphy and Smith have made a number of return trips to Can’s Innerspace Studio in Cologne, where Czukay famously conjures his out-there musical magic. The result was ‘Travellers’ (2014), the quartet’s long-promised debut album. It is, by anyone’s standards, a deliciously dubby and intergalactic concoction; a fearlessly atmospheric blend of krautrock and dub disco-inspired grooves, delay-laden horns, quirky percussion, stargazing electronics and eyes-wide-shut vocals.
  8. Album “Nº3” from Christina Vantzou is the result of a two-year process of composing, arranging, rearranging, experimenting, and melding classical instruments with synths and electronics. Recorded in Belgium with a 15-piece ensemble of strings, horns, woodwinds and micro-choir, the tracks vacillate between orchestral, ambient soundscapes and more structured works that the composer refers to as “pillars.” The internal core of the record, however, is unwavering. All tracks head in the direction of otherworldly drones surrounded by soft, subtle and sometimes intense veils or points.The structured tracks mark a new direction for Vantzou. Whereas 100% of the music on Nº1 and Nº2 was composed without time structure or steady click, the pillars on Nº3 adhere to a solid mathematical scheme. Perhaps Vantzou’s day job as a maths teacher is starting to have an influence.Nº3’s virtual instruments and voice samples hearken back to Vantzou’s time with The Dead Texan, specifically tracks like “Aegina Arlines” and “When I see scissors I cannot help but think of you”. The synths on Nº3 were given special attention and were recorded over a two week period using a DX7, Yamaha CS20, Roland Juno-6, and a selection of eurorack modular synths, making Nº3 very much a hybrid record, both symphonic and synth-based. The album is released on Kranky on October 3rd.
  9. The 2009 reissue of the second album originally released in 1983
  10. Producer Joe Gibbs took the credit for the four discs released in the mid-’70s under the title African Dub All-Mighty, but the musicians were in reality a shifting aggregation of members of the Soul Syndicate, We the People, and Revolutionaries bands, and the man actually working the mixing board was famed sound engineer Errol Thompson. On this first installment in the four-volume series, the dub mixes are actually quite tame — they’re unfailingly pleasant, but there are none of the challenging sonic gestures that characterized the work of colleagues like King Tubby and (especially) Lee “Scratch” Perry during the same period. But as mood music, Chapter 1 is a fine listening experience.
  11. Bandcamp
  12. Bandcamp
  13. as 6
  14. Chilean shoegazers, Maff was originally founded in 2012 by Ricardo (Richi) Gómez (Vocals / Bass / Guitar) & Nicolás (Nek) Colombres (Drums), who have been friends since childhood and have previously played together in various punk rock bands. They were later joined by Martín Colombres (Guitar) and Gonzalo (Talo) Correa (Guitar / Bass / Vocals / Synth). Maff composed, recorded and produced this EP in their own studio, lovingly called ‘The Lab’ owing to the experimental output they concocted there. This album explores such themes as innocence, mystycism, true love, loss, drugs, freedom and timelessness.
  15. 1979 classic from Mr Campbell
  16. Hailing from Italy and currently based between there and Reykjavík, Iceland, three-piece My Cruel Goro present their debut eponymous EP, featuring 3 tracks chalked full of early 70s energetic Brit rock with punk leanings, yet through the prism of a thick modern soundbed. It’s no wonder they are getting so much attention from the national press in Italy and that bloggers have referenced such paramount artists as The Clash, The Stranglers, The Jam, Ash, The Fratellis, Arctic Monkeys and Weezer. My Cruel Goro is Andrea Maraschi (vocals, guitar, programming), Andrea Marcellini (bass) and Tommaso Adanti (drums). The first two met nine years ago through a mutual friend and have been making music together ever since. My Cruel Goro arose from the ashes of their previous project. “We couldn’t find reliable musicians to form a proper group with a stable lineup. Everytime it ended up being the two of us: Andrea and I,” explains Andrea Marcellini. “We were joined by drummer Tommaso and formed the band in 2014”.
  17. Punk rock and roll from Perth – Bandcamp
  18. as 1
  19. as 4 – this is the full album version of the demo tune from earlier in the podcast
  20. Midday Veil’s third album, This Wilderness, is due for release on September 11th – their first on Brooklyn indie label Beyond Beyond is Beyond. The instrumental heart of This Wilderness remains the out-sized synth wizardry of co-founder David Golightly, who seems to have ingested every possible mind-altering sound from Stockhausen to Cybotron to the ‘Love to Love You’ of Donna Summer. They’re all on display here, made especially ornate by the driving percussion of Garrett Moore, the deep, submerging bass of Jayson Kochan, and the often-explosive, reptilian guitar lines of multi-instrumentalist Timm Mason. Rounding out the lineup is an all-star cast of guest spots including Bernie Worrell (Parliament, Funkadelic), Eyvind Kang and Skerik.
  21. Ramsgate-based musicians Mark Bandola and Kit Jolly came together in 2012 to form The Ramsgate Hovercraft. Mark Bandola, of The Lucy Show and Typewriter, has been creating, performing and recording innovative music at the highest level for over thirty years. Kit Jolly has been playing the sax and keyboards and experimenting with electronic music since the 1970’s – Bandcamp
  22. In its various guises this track tops and tails I Am Kurious Oranj. Very much the centre piece of the album, although on the live version on I Am as Pure as Oranj, it is played over Hip Priest – which obviously gives us a clue to its roots. In an interview with Steve Barker on BBC Radio Lancashire on 30 October 1988, MES commented: “Craig’s a humble guitarist, always telling me to turn him down… so “on Big New Prinz I wacked him right up.” The eagle eared amongst you will recognise the genesis of this song in in the Glitter Band’s Rock and Roll Part 2. It has been one of The Fall’s most often played live songs over the years. The track reached no. 24 in John Peel’s Festive Fifty in 1988.
  23. From the 1990 EP – there of those, and I am one, who much prefer the likes of this and Melvins to the much lauded Nirvana. I will be doing a grunge retrospective show in the near future which I think proves that there were better bands than Cobain and his chums.

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