World of Jazz 141


  1. Dave Liebman Quartet – Milestones – Setting The Standard
  2. Steve Lacy – The Bath – Momentum
  3. Ben Schachter – Fractals (It is…) – Fractals
  4. Joe Morris – Fit Fit – Sweatshop
  5. Dennis Gonzalez Band Of Sorcerers – Movement Three; Hymn for Louis Moholo – Hymn For The Perfect Heart Of A Pearl
  6. Frank Lowe and Billy Bang – Slamma Jamma- One for Jazz
  7. Jemeel Moondoc – For The Love Of Cindy – The Zookeeper’s House
  8. Cedar Walton – St Thomas – Manhattan Afternoon


  1. 1993 : Italian release – Bass – Rufus Reid ; Drums – Victor Lewis ; Piano – Mulgrew Miller ; Soprano Saxophone – Dave Liebman
  2. 1987 : Momentum is the first album by Steve Lacy to be released on the Arista Novus label. It  features six of Lacy’s compositions (although tracks 2 and 3 only appeared on the CD edition) with texts by Giulia Niccolai, Herman Melville, and Brion Gysin. Performed by Lacy, Bobby Few, Steve Potts, Jean-Jacques Avenel, Oliver Johnson and Irene Aebi.
  3. 1999 : “It’s rare that a recording is both experimental and accessible. …saxophonist and composer Ben Schachter accomplishes this delicate feat on Fractals. …two basses…often creates a slamming context for Schachter, guitarist Jef Lee Johnson, and trumpeter Tim Hagans, who engage in some deep-end explorations. In his love for angularity and preening dissonance, Schachter seems deeply under the influence of Thelonious Monk. Yet there’s a driving, more modern vibe at work here too. The sassy basses keep matters rooted. As for the title track, it’s both harmonically adventurous and a rocking good tune”.
  4. 1990 : Joe Morris is one of the rare ones. A player who sets up great challenges for himself, and proceeds to meet them head on with resounding success. He plays the guitar like no one else; for comparative description, it’s actually easier to refer to a horn player like Jimmy Lyons or Eric Dolphy than any other guitarist in the history of the instrument’s existence. To be honest, the fretboard leaps unleashed to actualize the phrasing in his music often times seem superhuman.
  5. 1991 : Alto Saxophone, Flute – Carlos Ward ; Bass – Paul Rogers ; Drums, Whistle, Voice – Louis Moholo ; Piano – Paul Plimley ; Tenor Saxophone – Tim Green ; Trumpet , Whistle – Dennis Gonzalez
  6. 2001 : Bass – Ed Schuller ; Drums, Percussion – Abbey Raider ; Saxophone – Frank Lowe ; Violin – Billy Bang
  7. 2014 : Alto Saxophone – Jemeel Moondoc; Bass – Hilliard Greene; Drums – Newman Taylor Baker
  8. 1994 : Bass – David Williams ; Drums – Billy Higgins ; Piano – Cedar Walton

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