Aural Delights 141


  1. Bouquet of Dead Crows – Into Nothingness – Together We Fall
  2. BEAK> – The Meader – Split EP
  3. Dave Graney – Mogambo (Demo Version) – Night of the Wolverine (Expanded Edition)
  4. The Minneapolis Uranium Club – Black Semen – The Minneapolis Uranium Club Performs Human Exploration
  5. Novella – Follow – Land
  6. Lera Lynn – Out to Sea – The Avenues
  7. Art of the Memory Palace – Sun-Blinded Capsule Memory Haze – This Life Is But a Passing Dream
  8. Jerusalem In My Heart – A Granular Buzak – If He Dies, If If If If If If
  9. The Jackals – Rasberry Moon – People
  10. The Seventh Ring of Saturn – Teli Teli Teli –  Ormythology
  11. Howard Peach – Hidden Word – Howard Peach
  12. Serpent Power – Lucifer’s Dreambox – Serpent Power
  13. Icicle – I Am An Ant – Theorems
  14. Johann Kloos – Going Off On A Trip – Fly-cycling Methods
  15. Cruelster – Banker’s Brunxh – Cruelster First Demo
  16. Faithbloomer – Badsider – Perennial
  17. Goldblums – Black Comb – Drug Window
  18. Sun Bather – ZZZzzzzz – ZZZzzzzz
  19. Sweet Deals On Surgery – Speed Date Yr Way To Fame – Total Reek Hole
  20. The Ricardos – I Won’t Wait – Pest
  21. The Televisionaries – Baby Buzzcut – Freezing to Death
  22. Dave Graney – You’re Just Too Hip Baby (Demo Version) – Night of the Wolverine (Expanded Edition)
  23. Bouquet of Dead Crows – Implode/Explode – Together We Fall
  24. Gillian Glover – Fitful Night – Single
  25. Marsha Swanson – An Island – Single
  26. Helene Greenwood – Flat Roof House – Single
  27. The Lancashire Hustlers – Born Stubborn – What Made Him Run
  28. Lola Dutronic – Modern Suicide – Lost In Translation
  29. Eleventh Dream Day – Vanishing Point – Works for Tomorrow
  30. Ion Morph – Last Man Standing – Roy Buchanan


  1. Anticipating their first single release on German Shepherd Records this is from the Cambridge bands’ debut EP – Bandcamp
  2. Invada Records  release a brand new four track ‘double B-side’ EP, featuring two tracks from BEAK> and two from their ‘alter-ego’ < KAEB, who differ in the aspect that < KAEB can have an ever expanding and floating membership.  The 4 track EP features ‘The Meader’ and ‘The Broken Window’ by BEAK> and ‘When We Fall’ and ‘There’s No One’ from < KAEB, the latter featuring vocal contributions from Californian based artist Jonwayne. BEAK> are Billy Fuller, Geoff Barrow & Matt Williams. The trio hail from Bristol, UK and are signed to Invada Records, they have released two full length albums and several EP’s / Singles. BEAK> have toured Europe & North America several times including performances at Primavera, Glastonbury and numerous ATP festivals. The band have also toured with artists such as The Horrors, Chris Cunnigham, Savages and Earth.  BEAK> have also recently completed a score for the upcoming Tom Geens psychological drama  ’Couple In A Hole’. The movie and score will be released later in 2015. – Invada Records

  3. Dave has reformed the Coral Snakes for a series of dates, tying in with a re-release of Night of the Wolverine which includes his early versions of some of the key tracks. Rehearsal footage has been shown on Australian TV and it all looks rather excellent.  The Coral Snakes on Night Of The Wolverine were Rod Hayward, Robin Casinader and Clare Moore and that’s the band for the shows, with Stu Thomas on bass. A little too far away for me to attend, I hope someone records the whole thing,
  4. While there isn’t much information about the band available online, The Minneapolis Uranium Club — also known as The Uranium Club, The Minneapolis Uranium Club, and The Uranium Club And Sunbelt Chemical Corporation (TM) — features members of Solid Attitude and the  NERV, and play a style of punk that sounds like a little like Devo. The songs are off-kilter, odd, and catchy as hell. Could be described as falling between  ’70s punk and early ’80s post-punk without particularly sounding like either. The overall feel of the demo is something akin to that of Wire covering the Weirdos, only weirder.
  5. London based psych-kraut with second major outing and a new line-up. Their website doesn’t work so info is lacking.
  6. Americana which has been seeping into the zeitgeist via HBOs True Detective series
  7.  Oscillations, Kosmische drone and part-time falsetto. Debut album, ‘This Life Is But A Passing Dream’, out now on cassette & digital through Static Caravan Recordings
  8. As we close in on the September 4th release date for If He Dies, If If If If If If, the second full-length from Montreal experimental performance ensemble Jerusalem In My Heart, the good people at Ad-Hoc have premiered ‘A Granular Buzuk’: “a pulsing, electric cut whose seven minutes rush by in a moment, a swirling melange of prepared guitar by guest Sharif Sehnaoui set against [Radwan] Moumneh’s aggressive electronics.” ‘A Granular Buzuk’ joins previously-released album cut ‘7ebr El 3oyoun’ and the record’s brief teaser trailer in describing an album as fearlessly experimental as it is breathtakingly gorgeous, a “stunning, of-the-moment record that speaks to the intersection of the personal and political with supreme confidence.”  If He Dies, If If If If If If will be released on September 4th. Jerusalem In My Heart will hit the road in October as a duo (following a recent string of live dates as a collaborative project with Suuns); see below for dates or head over to the Constellation Records release page for the full run-down on the album.
  9. Excellent psych rock from Scotland available from Burger Records
  10. All you need to know is here
  11. Lander Gyselinck has transformed from an emerging young talent to an established and respected name on the Belgian jazz and improvisation scene in a relatively short space of time. He derives his inspiration, not only behind the drums but also as a composer for his own bands LABtrio and STUFF., from contemporary electronic music. His inventive and exploratory drumming style has accorded him a broad and individual sound palette that is appreciated by a wide range of musical fields. This means he thrives in very diverse artistic environments ranging from jazz, contemporary electronics to experimental improvised music. He is a member of the Kris Defoort Trio, Jazz Plays Europe 2010 and Network of Stoppages. In 2010 he won the Toots Thielemans Jazz Award and in 2012 he received the SABAM Youth and Music Award at the Ghent Jazz Festival. Lander currently lives in New York. Howard Peach is his trio with Chris Speed and Simon Jermyn.
  12. Serpent Power is a new psychedelic music collaboration between Ian Skelly (the Coral) and Paul Molloy (the Zutons) formed in 2014. After the pair discovered an instant songwriting chemistry between them at an aftershow party, they immediately booked themselves into Castle Grayskull studios in Merseyside and began work on their debut album.
  13. Icicle is back with a second installment – Theorems. This follow-up solo record consists of 12 very strong and personal compositions. It bounces between rock and pop. It is both accessible and innovative yet open and defiant. Bright and multi-layered sounds fill the 50-minute album, created during an exceptionally intense period for the artist. Halatchev has charmed Canadian and international audiences for over two decades following his defection from communist Bulgaria with the band The Clouds. From 1996 to 2012, he was a core member of the Montreal-based band Chiwawa – a group that had some success touring as well as collaborating on various film and video projects. While Theorems marks his second solo release, Halatchev’s team spirit has closely tied him together with Florida based poet Joel Jenkins who wrote lyrics for some of the songs. The merging of the cultural and expressive styles has brought forward a work that is both unique yet familiar. “On And On”, the album’s second single, is a perfect example for their remarkable collaboration. More information on Icicle is can be found at Herd Records’ website. It releases 15 September 2015. Preview on Bandcamp
  14. As Dr Kloos says – “A range of pieces and sketches I have created with various music programs, such as Seq24, Sequetron and Jazz Midi Sequencer. All done this year in the early summer. The cover depicts a dream I had recently about a cyclist doing impossible things.” – Bandcamp
  15. Another one from the excellent More Power Tapes label – Bandcamp
  16. Excellent trio from Connecticut – Bandcamp
  17. Fuzzed out punk from Des Moines – Bandcamp
  18. Garage punk from Copenhagen –Bandcamp
  19. Manchester-based noise-pop scuzz punks, with a sour family history and an ungrounded dislike for Elvis Costello. They don’t take themselves too seriously.- Bandcamp
  20. Garage punk from Phoenix, Arizona – Bandcamp
  21. Yet another one from the excellent More Power Tapes – Bandcamp
  22. as 3
  23. as 1
  24. Gillian Glover was born in England in 1976. Circa 1981, she wandered on stage from the side of a Deep Purple concert, watching her father Roger play bass. Mesmerised by the audience before her. She was promptly removed. A few years after moving to the United States in 1984, she completed her first known recording, produced by her father in his basement studio; It was a rap song written with a friend, featuring synthesizers, silly sound effects and samples and has thankfully since been lost. She attended New York University 1994-1998, with a brief stint in Florence, Italy. She studied painting and got her hands very dirty. Having a musician for a father strangely made her shy away from performing until this point in her life. But perhaps it was just in her blood? She was 22 and was far, far away when she first sang in front of other people. In 1998 Gillian bought a one-way ticket to Egypt to become a professional divemaster. Though she spent her days scuba diving, music crept up and bit her at night. She joined her first band there in 1999. After oscillating between Egypt, New York and London, she settled in the latter in 2001. Red Handed: Gillian’s debut solo album, Red Handed, was recorded in 2005. The album was completed and released in 2006 and in France in 2007. In 2009 Gillian and bass player, Travis, had a son. So far, his drumming skills look quite promising. The couple had a daughter, Aranea, in late 2011. She appears to have a good set of vocal chords…A trilogy! Roger Glover released another solo album If Life Was Easy in 2012, on which Gillian co-wrote and sung two tracks. This new single is released in September.
  25. With her distinctive English folk-tinged voice and direct delivery, there is a deceptive simplicity to her songs. A fragility that disguises her assured musicianship. Drawing inspiration from classic songwriters but blended with Marsha’s identity, she delivers a unique brand of grown-up pop. Marsha’s compositions range from intimate ballads (Still Wrong/Don’t Blame it on Love), through pop (My Life My Own/Hoovering the Sky) to atmospheric “soundscapes” (Madame M/Touching the Void/Brave Face).
  26. Helene Greenwood’s latest concept-video Flat Roof House is her first release from her upcoming album Exquisitely Hopeless. The video produced by Rebecca Lennon uses archive footage, and analogue distortion to depict the fragmented, floating world of a character’s thoughts from inside her kitchen. Helene Greenwood is a London based singer and composer. She was born in Dover, with a view of Dover Castle from her bedroom window. She started composing at the age of 10, and one of her earliest memories was playing along with thunderstorms. She studied composition with John Woolrich. He said that “music is made from hundreds of pebbles, and that each pebble has a different idea, and every pebble needs a special colour and quality to it.” Her first album “Collectable You” was recorded with a beautiful band in the spirit of narrative folk and jazz, recording the album in a week. Martin Townsend in his review in the Sunday Express said “One to watch.” Her second album, to be released later in 2015, explores the ethereal moments of beauty in the domestic environment, singing from inside a crystal vase and gazing at the reflections of kitchen units. She journeys outside gazing in wonder at the beach, and from inside the moon, in a state of awe, like an alien. She visits a visionary psychic, Madame Marina, who lives in an empty house perched on the cliff edge. Influenced by Hammer Horror movie scores and distorted dream pop, the songs retrieve memories from the present and past before the disappear.
  27. Brand new album from Southports finest exports – delightful stuff and a strong contender for best album of 2015 – Bandcamp
  28. The follow-up to their well-received “Everyone’s A Star” album, which featured the All-Star supported single “Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead” and their Peruvian Top 10 radio hit, “Happy Birthday”, this is their best work to date, often transcending their Saint Etienne & Ladytron influences. Headlines – Book-ended by the zeitgeist-y “Modern Suicide”, “Lost In Translation” features collaborations with cult-film actress Manoush (“Reality TV”), songs written for them by Claudio Camaione & Paul Zone of Blow Up & Man2Man fame (“There Goes My Heart Again”), their first ever Serge Gainsbourg cover (“Harley Davidson”), the ultimate NSFW break-up song (“Go F**k Yourself”), the 40+ disco pop anthem (“Keep On Dancing”), …and the first single from the album: “I Believe”.
  29. Excellent new album from Chicago’s finest.
  30. The ever busy Mr Morph has a new EP out on German Shepherd on 14th August.


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