Aural Delights 140


  1. Staggs – Grim Up North – Shy Bairns Get Nowt
  2. Violet Woods – The Dancer – Violet Woods
  3. Two Wings – Peace Fear – A Wake
  4. Chimiks – Big Shot Down – Chimiks
  5. Staggs – Big Jack – Shy Bairns Get Nowt
  6. Johann Kloos – What to Say? – Fly Cycling Methods
  7. Chelsea Wolfe – Grey Days – Abyss
  8. Lee Brown Coyle – Where is Abby? – Where Is Abby? & Other Tales
  9. Staggs – Sunset Over Aldi – Shy Bairns Get Nowt
  10. Zx+ – The Raven – Don’t Drink The Water
  11. Cruelster – Crisis in Local Government – Cruelster First Demo
  12. Cave Mouth – Deep Water – Deep Water
  13. Red Tank! – Sexy Zombie Virus – Squalor In The Year Of Black Magic
  14. Staggs – Nice – Shy Bairns Get Nowt
  15. Bicycle Day – Righteous Acid – I Had A Place To Be
  16. Mark Corrin – Dalga – EP 6 Vineyard
  17. Hannah In The Wars – Only Wanna Be – Only Wanna Be
  18. Silverbird – Lyfe – Pureland
  19. High Tiny Hairs – Chaos Ensues – High Tiny Hairs EP


  1. Out on August 7th via German Shepherd – review and interview here
  2. Another from the excellent Cambridge band – Bandcamp
  3. Based around the song-writing partnership of vocalist Hanna Tuulikki and guitarist Ben Reynolds, Two Wings are a glorious hybrid of sounds ancient and modern. Psych-rock guitar is married to the keening whoosh of Tuulikki’s words on an album about love, loss and moving on – but carefully – that has the decidedly grown-up commercial sass of Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac yet retains the edge of Neil Young. – Bandcamp
  4. If you are one of the unfortunate many that missed out on the devastating crunch of The Fatals’ slew of ultra-limited vinyl releases, Slovenly has just the record to cure your miserable lives. Ex-Fatal Vince Posadzki has teamed up with fellow Franco and supreme hipster/ rock’n’roll promoter Louie Louie, along with psychotic kit pounder Ronnie Rollo to bring us The Chimiks! Like the Fatals on an 8-ball of trucker crank sprinkled with hand grenades, The Chimiks blast forth with so much Stooges-meets-Oblivians/ Necessary Evils/ Reatards/ Teengenerate power and speed we had to present this platter on a 45 RPM 12″… the world’s LOUDEST format! This beast is gonna be on every one of the world’s sickest kids’ want list!
  5. as 1,
  6. The ever profilic Dr Kloos with a new one – he says “A range of pieces and sketches I have created with various music programs, such as Seq24, Sequetron and Jazz Midi Sequencer. All done this year in the early summer. The cover depicts a dream I had recently about a cyclist doing impossible things.” – Bandcamp
  7. Chelsea Wolfe has returned with her fifth album, Abyss, out August 7th on Sargent House. Sleep paralysis plagues singer/songwriter Chelsea Wolfe, and that strange intersection of the conscious and the unconscious has inadvertently manifested itself within her work. Across the span of her first four albums, there is an underlying tension, a distorted and nebulous territory where dark shadows hover along the edges of the sublime and the graceful. But until now, Wolfe’s trials and tribulations with the boundaries between dreams and reality have only been a subconscious influence on her work. With her fifth album, Abyss, she deliberately confronts those boundaries and crafts a score to that realm she describes as the “hazy afterlife . . . an inverted thunderstorm . . . the dark backward . . . the abyss of time.” Chelsea Wolfe’s material has always felt intensely private, from the almost voyeuristic bedroom- production aesthetic of her debut album The Grime and the Glow to the stark themes and atmospheres of 2013’s Pain Is Beauty. “Abyss is meant to have the feeling of when you’re dreaming, and you briefly wake up, but then fall back asleep into the same dream, diving quickly into your own subconscious,” saysWolfe. To conjure this in-between world, Wolfe continued her ongoing collaboration with multi-instrumentalist and co-writer Ben Chisholm and drummer Dylan Fujioka, with Ezra Buchla brought on board to play viola and Mike Sullivan (Russian Circles) enlisted to contribute guitar. The ensemble traveled to Dallas, TX to record with producer John Congleton (Swans, St. Vincent). In the back of her mind burned the words of designer Yohji Yamamoto: “Perfection is ugly. Somewhere in the things humans make, I want to see scars, failure, disorder, distortion.” The resulting eleven songs reflect that philosophy as they smolder with human frailty, intimacy, quiet passion, anxiety, and deep longing. Abyss opens with the disorienting lurch of “Carrion Flowers”, where Wolfe weaves a hypnotic vocal melody over monotonic industrial thuds, much as an Indian raga is constructed around a lone note or swara. On “Iron Moon”, the band pushes for extremes in its loud-quiet-loud strategy, alternating between hushed balladry and gargantuan doom. On “Dragged Out”, glacial-paced fuzz riffs underscore Wolfe’s sultry verses, until a howling wail of distortion dominates the chorus. But there are certainly moments when the brutish elements are reigned in —“Maw” could serve as a lullaby and “Crazy Love” harkens back to the humble acoustic compositions of her Unknown Rooms album. But between them we have “After the Fall”, the centerpiece of the album, where the abrupt tonal shifts, descending chord progressions, and climactic vocals illustrate Wolfe’s fascination with Memories, Dreams, Reflections by Carl Jung. “I let myself drop,” begins one of Jung’s recollections of his dreams. “I was so struck by that visual: the drop into the abyss of one’s own mind, allowing yourself to feel things you’ve hidden away, bringing them front and center. That became the goal of this album,” says Wolfe. That surrender can be heard in the slowly escalating cacophony of “Survive”, the penultimate square-wave hum and yearning of “Color of Blood”, and the clamorous piano loop and disorienting arrangement of the closing title track.
  8. Cadabra Records, a newly founded label created to exhume the works of influential horror genre icons in a spoken word style, is preparing to issue a fascinating LP in ode to the works of LEE BROWN COYE, delivering the man’s fascinating illustrative literature in a wholly fresh manner. Founded by iconic Syracuse-based musician Jonathan Dennison, Cadabra Records sets out to issue the works of incredibly notable writers which have helped create and continually influence the odd, macabre, and ongoing legacy of the modern horror genre, both in cinema and in printed deliverance. The label hereby begins its lineage with Where Is Abby? & Other Tales, by LEE BROWN COYE, a spoken word album which transports eight short storylines from the significant writer’s catalog in a captivating style, with a high-quality product to present these tales in a way to transcend genre, time and classification into timeless pieces honoring said works, which have influenced such acclaimed modern works as The Blair Witch Project, and the show True Detective. For the first time collected anywhere, are the finest of LEE BROWN COYE’s “Chips and Shavings” stories, rarely known until now. Written between 1964 and 1970, these stories originally appeared in the Mid-York Weekly newspaper, most of which have not been reprinted since. Brought to life through the readings of son, Robert Coye, you will hear haunting stories the fantastic and the absurd, of folklore and of legend, nightmares and death. The uniqueness and strength of Lee’s art is shown here by the spoken word. Find out why names like Mike Mignola, Guillermo Del Toro, and Stephen King found LEE BROWN COYE inspiring. Cadabra Records will issue Where Is Abby? & Other Tales on LP and CD on July 30th; the LP in a limited first pressing of 500 copies on 180-gram vinyl packed in a 350 gsm deluxe gatefold jacket with reverse board printing and a 4-panel insert with liner notes, and the CD in a hand-screen printed 4-panel eco-pack. The first 125 vinyl orders will receive a free art print signed by the artist’s son, and reader, Robert Coye. A very limited subscription to the LEE BROWN COYE Collection will also be available, which includes exclusive color vinyl, a T-shirt, a hand screened poster and more. LEE BROWN COYE(1907-1981) is best known as one of the most original and influential artists to capture the feel of nightmare and unease in the field of illustrative literature; a godfather of the macabre. From the original Weird Tales pulp magazine to the finest of Arkham House Publishing his art as proven to live on. COYE has three art books in print, and his works are represented in numerous collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Everson Museum in Syracuse, the Onondaga County Historical Society, Colgate University, the Morrisville State College Library, SUNY Oswego, Syracuse University, and private collections.
  9. As 1
  10. Continuing to feature this excellent album from Stephen Evans
  11. There are a couple of bands called Cruelster out there – this is the one from Buffalo New York – Bandcamp 
  12. Cavemouth are a Westcounty / White-Stripesy / filthy-swamp-bluesy / meat disco four-piece (having recently recruited Mr. Duncan ‘The Hook’ Hook, on Saxophone). Based on the wilds of Exmoor, the band live off a strict diet of road-kill and make music to keep the neighbours away and the ‘foxes’ in. Fronted by Sketchy Lex (Waxed Apple, Pipe and Slippers, The Great Indoors, Komodo Lute) on filthy guitar and vocals, and backed by Wreckless Richie (The Vibration Doctors, Obedient Bone, Mozura) on big-boy drums and Flamin’ Mo (Selectiv’, The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet, Mozura) on funked-up bass and vocals, the band produce a fabulously gritty original sound, blending blues, funk and hip-hop with african-influenced tuneage and mind-altering lyrics. “Guaranteed to get you up and out of your seat and sweating, Cavemouth are the aural equivalent to a night on a stairmaster, drinking jack daniels through a pair of fishnet tights.” – Website
  13. Garage Punks from Tempe, Arizona – Bandcamp
  14. As 1
  15. Garage Punk from Oakland, Calfornia – Bandcamp
  16. New EP from Mark as part of his 2015 series of releases, catch him on Salford City Radio Mondays at 11pm – Bandcamp
  17. Songwriter Hannah Curwood originates from the stark, remote region of Central Otago in New Zealand. Now based in London, Hannah in the Wars is the result of working alongside Roger O’Donnell of The Cure and a handpicked group of musicians. Hannah in the Wars’ eponymous debut album, released earlier this year, is a collection of beautifully written melodies and emotionally engaging narratives, taking inspiration from life’s trials and triumphs and perfectly showcasing Curwood’s distinctive and powerful vocals. Both ‘Only Wanna Be’ and B-side ‘Sweet Release’, lifted from the critically acclaimed album, were written following the breakdown of a relationship and Curwood’s decision to move half way around the world to start afresh. Of the songs, she says their creation came easily and, despite the subject matter, they have come to occupy a positive space in her mind, particularly after seeing them so well received by audiences on her recent two month tour across the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Berlin.
  18. Pureland is Silverbird’s debut album and is released on September 18th 2015. Songwriter Tim Barr founded Silverbird after spending several years on New York’s vibrant music scene playing gigs as part of Lana Del Rey’s band, opening for The Blow, and studying and playing with Dizzy Gillespie’s pianist protegee Mike Longo.
    Barr and English producer Kristopher Harris recorded Silverbird’s debut EP ‘Surface Life’, released in May 2014 to critical acclaim. Joined by Corey Davis on bass, Dan Whaley on lead guitar and Jacob Schuab on drums, Silverbird were soon selling out venues across NYC. With influences as diverse as Wilco, Heartless Bastards, and Sparklehorse, their music strides fearlessly through an ever changing emotional landscape. Infectious melodies and swirling, intricate rhythms combine to provide an absolutely enchanting soundscape.
  19. Swirling, dreamy pop hooks accentuated with the haunting sounds of a Farfisa organ cloak the sombre and sardonic musings of former Fuck Knights guitarist and Nightinghales front man Ben Bachman in his new project, High Tiny Hairs. This EP lays bare and showcases Bachman’s stylistic influences, the likes of Alex Chilton, Brian Eno and Syd Barrett, with a short set of self-produced releases. The songs, bouncing between sixties Baroque pop and the new psychedelic movement of the early eighties, are mesmerisingly elegant and poetically dark, yet quirky, and romantic. The Minneapolis based singer/songwriter evokes a hazy, late night tête-à-tête with his ghosts.

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