Aural Delights 139


  1. Working Man – Big Bad John – Lancashizer
  2. British Sea Power – Apologies To Insect Life – The Decline of British Sea Power & the Decline-Era B-Sides
  3. ZX+ – The Desert – Don’t Drink The Water
  4. The Train Set – Hold On – Never California
  5. Black – When It’s Over – Single
  6. Steve Hauschildt – Where All Is Fled – Where All Is Fled
  7. ZX+ – Just Like That – Don’t Drink The Water
  8. Kin – Passing Car – SLOWTV
  9. Patchwork Rattlebag – Bokononist – Single
  10. The Band of Holy Joy – Isn’t that just the life – single
  11. Ancient River – This Is The Time – Keeper Of The Dawn
  12. Harmonic Cross – Taman Shud – It is finished
  13. ZX+ – Up and down the stairs – Don’t Drink The Water
  14. Santana – Incident at Neshabur – Abraxas
  15. Violet Woods – Electric Fascination – Violet Woods
  16. Ion Morph – Clown Time – Single
  17. Luis Drayton – So Perfect (feat Ani Campbell) – Inner Life


  1. A motley bunch of ne’er do wells from Blackburn – Facebook
  2. Re-release of the debut album with added bits
  3. As previously indicated I am working my way through this excellent album
  4. Back in the mid to late eighties The Train Set emerged from the Crewe/Winsford indie music scene to make an impact on the Manchester and Liverpool gig circuit as well as the national music press. The band released two 12″ singles which both broke the Indie Chart and performed at venues across the country including gigs at Dingwalls, the Astoria in London and Manchester’s Hacienda. The nucleus of the band, Clive Jones (vocals), Andy Boote (guitars) and Mark Shaw (Bass) met at school. They recruited Adam Halford (drums) from Winsford and Dave Hassall from Chester (keyboards) and soon became the tight unit that was eventually signed by renowned Manchester DJ Dave Haslam to his Playhard label. Briefly managed by Nathan McGough, also manager of The Happy Mondays, the band embarked on a national tour with the Happy Mondays and supported the likes of James at the London Astoria. They were featured in both the NME and Melody Maker through interviews and features by Stuart Maconie and Robin Denslow. Compilation album ‘Never California’, released on Firestation Records, features The Train Set’s highly sought after singles including ‘She’s Gone’ which was the band’s first record, recognised as a stunning debut by the press and selected as NME’s single of the week when it was originally released in 1988. Writing in NME, James Brown said “The Train Set have done their growing up in private and will now have no trouble copping off with the entire teenage nation of orphaned Smiths fans”. Stuart Maconie described ‘She’s Gone’ as “sleek and shiny, fizzy and witty”, predicting “The Train Set will be huge when the world sees sense”. Well, whilst we wait for the world to take heed, immerse yourself in these finely crafted songs and enjoy a band that made a significant impact on the music scene amongst the abundant indie/jangle bands of that era. This compliation contains previously unreleased tracks from a band that had promised so much but disappeared far too soon. The original members have come together to oversee the release of this retrospective album, providing a vital listening experience and an opportunity to discover The Train Set’s material again, or perhaps for the first time.
  5. Taken from his new album ‘Blind Faith’ (June 2015), produced by Calum Malcolm (The Blue Nile), it’s a classic Black diamond of an album taking a couple of listens to fully appreciate these classy grown-up songs. The reward is sweet as the lyrics reveal their half-hidden irony blooming alongside the melancholically passionate melodies.
  6. Steve Hauschildt announces his first new album since the late 2012 release of Sequitur. Where All Is Fled shall be released via kranky on 25th September. Both the artwork and the music on this new work were heavily inspired by surrealist landscape paintings, early alchemical emblems, and recurring visions Steve had from dreams. The result is a pristine series of cascading melodies, fantastical terrains of layered lattices, and overlapping patterns of synthesizers superimposed with orchestral instrumentation. Hidden in the crevices of the album are processed crowd sounds, re-sampled text-to-speech synthesis, piano, and animal noises which reveal themselves after repeated listens and blur together notions of artificial and natural sound. While slowly unfurling, each sound is given it’s own place and space, never hurried, never cluttered.  The album is a modern kosmische milepost, and the most accomplished statement of Steve Hauschildt’s vision yet.
  7. as 3
  8. From the new album SLOWTV out 18/09/15
  9. Free download
  10. ‘I’m a sensitive girl, tougher than you’ sings Johny Brown in Band of Holy Joy’s forthcoming single Isn’t That Just the Life. This may be the first time he’s written from a female perspective, but I may have missed something over the years, after all Band of Holy Joy have had more personnel changes than The Fall, and are about to release their 19th album, Land of Holy Joy on Stereogram Recordings in September. As is their want, the lyricism on Isn’t That Just the Life deals with the darker side of life, but the music and instrumentation are upbeat resulting in an uplifting almost Northern Soul-esque slice of a Summer which may never quite materialise. In a perfect world this would be Top Ten, but we live in a far from perfect world, yet Band of Holy Joy continue to have the ability to document ‘days in the life’ of random individuals lyrically, plumbing the lower depths of inner city urban existence and all that goes with it, and sugar-coating it with their trademark musical upbeat optimism. Easy Listening (for Uneasy Times), the last long player released in early 2014 saw the band slimmed down to a six-piece. Exceptional reviews followed (see Press Pack), accompanied by a handful of well received European and UK dates, and a series of download singles celebrating ‘good living and bad livers’, the highlight being their tribute to George Best on ‘When a Gift is a Curse’. Labelmate Lou Reid , chanteuse with Lola in Slacks offered this “It’s a real gem. Love the opening line: ‘the tattoo on my pelvic bone is faded’ – Lyrics are especially great written from a girl’s perspective. Quite a celebration of the female spirit. Love it! Johny’s voice is a real heartbreak too”.
  11. Ancient River, the sonic brainchild of singer/songwriter James Barreto, is an ever-evolving source of rock n’ roll and psychedelia, its influences flowing from the swampy roots of the American south to the far reaches of space. The band’s origins can be traced back the music scene in Gainesville, Florida and its thriving home grown DIY scene. Barreto began recording local bands, producing several albums as well as creating music for local independent films. His house soon grew into a fully-fledged home studio/rehearsal space, where like-minded musicians could be found tirelessly sharpening their wide range of sounds, encapsulating everything from noisy shoegaze and psychedelia to classic Americana. Locked away in the pursuit of his sonic vision, it took two years for Barreto to take Ancient River to the stage, emerging with an unmistakable space-rock guitar sound and creating a captivating live show accompanied by entrancing psychedelic visuals. Playing live for the first time in 2009, Ancient River made their debut at Austin Psych Festival in 2010. Alex Cordova joined the line up in 2011 and the band quickly hit their stride on the live circuit, playing Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia and Austin Psych Festival for a second time in 2012. Appearances at Los Angeles’ Psycho De Mayo and Desert Stars Festival Pre-Party followed in 2014 along with Milwaukee Psych Fest in 2015. Upcoming appearances include Reverence Festival in Portugal and The Psychedelic Revolution Festival in France. Stalwarts of the psych scene, Ancient River’s wall-of-sound barrage has been honed by extensive touring across the states and beyond. Currently James Barreto is living in London and Alex Cordova is based in Austin, Texas but this distance hasn’t impacted their productivity. The band are supporting the UK vinyl release of their sixth album ‘Keeper on the Dawn’ with a highly anticipated London show following a very successful extensive American tour.
  12. Some dudes just can’t get enough of playing music together. Such is the case of Ryan Parrish, Graham Scala, and Brent Eyestone. In addition to comprising 3/4 of the short, fast, and loud kill unit Bleach Everything and 3/5 of heavy indie rockers Highness, the trio of friends comprises 100% of HARMONIC CROSS. It Is Finished. marks the debut album for HARMONIC CROSS, six songs that teeter more toward the ethereal and ambient while maintaining the rather specific and certain darkness that permeates the previous output of its members both collectively and off on their own. The album functions as a conceptual soundtrack to an actual, unexplained true crime event commonly referred to as “The Somerton Man” (also known as “The Taman Shud Case”). In the case, an unidentified, well-dressed man is found dead along a seawall on Somerton beach in Adelaide, South Australia. A printed scrap of paper cut out from a book reading “tamam shud” (meaning “finished” in Persian) is found sewn into a hidden pocket of his pants. The book itself is later found and contains several hand-written ciphers. The Ciphers were never solved. The corpse was never identified. Even the book itself appears to be from an edition that has no record of ever being printed. Each track on It Is Finished. coincides with one of the five specific ciphers written into that copy of “The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam,” with the last track being dedicated to final meditation on the concept of “tamam shud“It is finished.” All artwork was drawn from crime scene photography surrounding the case. Packaged in a gorgeous chipboard jacket with metallic inks, the album itself was tracked live and mixed by HARMONIC CROSS member Brent Eyestone and mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound (“Star Trek: Into the Darkness,” “The Walking Dead,” “House of Cards,” “Sons of Anarchy”).
    Magic Bullet Records will issue It Is Finished. digitially on July 17th, followed by a 12” vinyl delivery on July 24th, with both green and black pressings for the first run.
  13. as 3
  14. Classic Carlos from his break through album
  15. Violet Woods was formed in Cambridge in 2011, stemming from the desire to explore sounds of 60s London psychedelia and Nuggets compilations. By juxtaposing the 12 string jangle of the Byrds with surf basslines and rolling beats, they impart their own take on this period while bringing it into the present with Stereolab / Broadcast flavoured retro synth vibes and ghostly vocals.
  16. New single from German Shepherd
  17. Luis has a big gig in Settle on August 1st


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