Aural Delights 137


  1. Ion-Morph & Strangler John – Too Much Religion – Too Much Religion
  2. ZX+ – The Crazies – Don’t Drink The Water
  3. Kill West – Out To The Stars – Smoke Beach
  4. Prinzhorn Dance School – Haggle – Home Economics
  5. The Orange Humble Band – You Close Your Eyes – Depressing Beauty
  6. ZX+ – Something Real – Don’t Drink The Water
  7. Double Date With Death – Ride – Across The Sea
  8. Catapilla – Reflections – Changes
  9. Hong Kong In The 60s – Out In The Cold – The Small Sound
  10. Swans – Screen Shot – To Be Kind
  11. Frank Zappa – Pachuco Gavotte – Dance Me This
  12. Playgroup – Bombs Scare – Epic Sound Battles Chapters 1 & 2
  13. ZX+ – Kurtz – Don’t Drink The Water
  14. The Off White – Let’s All Move To Mexico – The Off White EP


  1. Released via German Shepherd Records on July 17th. 50% of the current Hamster line-up in punky ska mode.
  2. As reviewed here
  3. Lo fi psych from Richmond, Virginia – Bandcamp
  4.  The UK duo Prinzhorn Dance School have spent years refining a sound that was almost entirely free of excess and impurity to begin with. Their self-titled 2007 debut was an austere ikebana arrangement of bass, drums, vocals, and guitar that felt like an exercise in making a post-punk record out of the fewest number of notes possible. On their next album, 2011’s Clay Class, Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn streamlined even more by removing some of the rhythmic flourishes. Coming into their third LP it seemed like there wasn’t a superfluous gesture left for the pair to remove from their sound, but they’ve managed to find some anyhow. Home Economics is in some ways an even more spartan album than its predecessors, and on other levels it’s a far richer listen.
  5. Formed by Lime Spider and Someloves co-founder Darryl Mather, The Orange Humble Band emerged in 1994 from the ashes of the Someloves with memories of their stunning 1990 debut Something Or Other fresh in mind. More detail here
  6. As 2.
  7. Punk garage from Montreal – Bandcamp
  8. Second album from 1972. A bit of a prog classic.
  9. Hong Kong In The 60s are Christopher Greenberg, Mei Yau Kan and Tim Scullion – Bandcamp
  10. To Be Kind is the thirteenth studio album by American experimental band Swans, released on May 12, 2014. It was released as a triple LP, a double CD, and a two-CD deluxe edition that includes a live DVD of performances from Hellfest Open Air Festival, Pitchfork Music Festival and Primavera Sound Festival.
  11. Talking to Guitar Magazine prior to his death at the age of 52, Zappa described his final LP as “a Synclavier album called Dance Me This, which is designed to be used by modern dance groups.  The album was ultimately shelved indefinitely, and while a steady stream of posthumous releases and reissues have satisfied Zappa fans in the following decades, Dance Me This was all but forgotten until Zappa’s widow Gail Zappa began hinting at the final album’s eventual arrival in 2011.
  12. Adrian Sherwood produced compilation   of the Playgroup “Epic Sound Battles” Chapter One (1982, tracks 1 to 11), & the first 7 of 9 tracks from Chapter Two (1983, tracks 12 to 18) LPs.
  13. as 2.
  14. What do you do on a lonesome barrier island off the coast of New Jersey with no one but cops, retirees and closed beach marts..?
    Buy 40’s with the last of your change and smoke the left over cigarette butts from the night before. Psychedelic Punk drenched in Rock and Roll debauchery, with the excite meant of a bag of fireworks in your moms broken washer machine – Bandcamp


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