Aural Delights 136


  1. Vienna Ditto – Feeling Good – Circle
  2. Ion-Morph & Moff Skellington – Boomerangs – Single
  3. The Deadline Shakes – Phone Calls In The Bath
  4. Pulo Revé – Of All The Bodies In The World – The EP
  5. The Murrays – I Wanna Be Right – !EP
  6. Umbrella Assassins – Everything is fine (In my mind) – Are you happy?
  7. Lake Malawi – Aubrey – Soundcloud
  8. Rose Windows – Bodhi Song – Rose Windows
  9. Desaparecidos – The Left Is Right – Payola
  10. Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat – On The Motorway – The Most Important Place In The World
  11. Celestogramme – Wake Up Tonight – Wish Vehicles
  12. Grant McLennan – When Word Gets Around – When Word Gets Around
  13. Forevr – Yucatan – Demonstration
  14. Horse Party – Horizons – Single
  15. Video Duct – Con – Anti Human Hate Cassette
  16. Kit B – It’s Gonna Be Alright – EP 2015
  17. Kit B – Vicious Circle (Junta Remix) – EP 2015
  18. Dave Graney – The Sheriff of Hell – Rock n’ Roll Is Where I Hide
  19. Colonel Creep and the Electric Boogeymen – Dr. Redbird Lovejoy – Picnic on an Other Planet
  20. Elisabeth Vince – I Was All I Was – Our Loving Cage
  21. The Stress of Leisure – Girl On A Lilo — Achievement
  22. Miss Vincent – How Much Further? – Reasons Not To Sleep
  23. Lake Malawi – Young Blood – Soundcloud
  24. Hackmonocut – We Better Look Away – The Sum Of  My Parts
  25. Celestogramme – I Am The Boundary Stone – Wish Vehicles
  26. Vexx – Black/White – Give and Take 7″
  27. Vaguess – F is for Fashion – Back Off Warchild
  28. Umbrella Assassins – James Brown State Of Mind – Are You Happy?
  29. Vienna Ditto – I Know His Blood – Circle
  30. Ion-Morph & Moff Skellington – Body Bad – Single
  31. Mick Futures – Do You Like What You See? – MF



  1. Review here
  2. Releases on German Shepherd on 10th July
  3. ‘Phonecalls in the Bath’ released on Sunday 28th June, available from itunes and all major digital stores via Scottish label Flowers In The Dustbin.  Available on bandcamp and itunes.
  4. See Fascinating Things Issue 06
  5. Punk rock from Illinois – Bandcamp
  6. See Fascinating Things Issue 06
  7. See Fascinating Things Issue 05
  8. When Chris Cheveyo abandoned the finalized recording of his heavy instrumental post-rock band towards the end of 2010, it wasn’t out of a general cynicism towards expansive, heady music. There was just something about that specific palette of tones and the cut-and-dry melodrama of the songwriting that wasn’t satisfying anymore. So he culled his old habits and made a fresh start with Rose Windows, a Seattle-based sextet that drew upon everything from American folk to West Saharan guitar rock, from pentatonic proto-metal to traditional Persian music, from the darker corners of California’s early psych scene to the hazy atmospherics of contemporary drone artists.
  9. Desaparecidos are a five-piece post-hardcore/emo/indie/punk band from Omaha, Nebraska that was briefly active from 2001-2002, but have been back and fully formed since 2012, plus a brief reunion in 2010. Although all their members have been active in numerous other projects, it’s kind of hard to ignore who’s fronting this band. It’s none other than Conor Oberst, who is best known for his main project, Bright Eyes  as well as being involved in numerous other projects, such as the Mystic Valley Band, Monsters of Folk, and most recently, solo . Desaparecidos are another amazing band to add to an already impressive resume, and quite different from any of the aforementioned.
  10. The second long-player from Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat.
  11. Psych pop from Chapel Hill – Bandcamp
  12. Single which came from the Watershed album.
  13. Shoegaze from Brisbane – Bandcamp
  14. B Side of the new single – get it free from their website
  15. See Fascinating Things Issue 06
  16. From the forthcoming EP
  17. as above
  18. See Fascinating Things Issue 06
  19. Psych weirdness from Boston – Bandcamp
  20. Manchester synth pop as recently interviewed by my chum Monty on the radio – Bandcamp
  21. Dave Graney played these on his excellent Banana Lounge Broadcasting Radio Show.  Another Brisbane band – Bandcamp
  22. Track is taken from their recently released EP ‘Reasons Not To Sleep’ (released through Engineer Records) and available from ITunes via this link
  23. as 7.
  24. The dark soul of Austrian musician Hackmonocut’s music produces a feeling of melancholy, driven by humming, distorted rock guitars, creating his ‘alternative rock noir’ sound. ‘The Sum of My Parts’ is a collection of dark and feral songs full of irony and social criticism, which tell of love, murder, and failed politics. Hackmonocut began in 2012 as a single man show. A busy year of songwriting and home recording followed, culminating in the release of his eleven track debut album ‘In The Land Of Basement Hobby Rooms’. Second album ‘The Sum Of My Parts’ is released on 14th August 2015. The new tracks focus more on love and murder than politics. The album is rages less but offers uncompromising dark alternative rock songs.
  25. As 11.
  26.  Hailing from Olympia, Vexx is heavily indebted to late 70s American punk with a sound akin to bands like Legal Weapon or the Avengers, but with even more of a rock ‘n’ roll edge than those bands and a vocalist just as soulful and powerful. – Bandcamp
  27. Garage punk from Long Beach.
  28. as 6.
  29. as 1.
  30. as 2.
  31. Punk from Canada – Bandcamp


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