World of Jazz 135


  1. Kris Davis Infrasound – Union Forever – Save Your Breath (2015)
  2. Ahmad Jamal – The Shout – Live In Marciac (2015)
  3. Dennis Rollins’ Velocity Trio – Symbiosis – Symbiosis (2015)
  4. Ray Russell – Sombrero Sam – Turn Circle (2007)
  5. David Berkman – Up Jumped Ming – Old Friends and New Friends (2015)
  6. Dominic Duval, Jimmy Halperin, Brian Willson – Pursuance – The Music Of John Coltrane (2005)
  7. Charles Mingus – Duke Ellington’s Sound Of Love – Changes One (1975)
  8. Randy Weston – Little Niles – Monterey ’66 (1994)
  9. Frank Walton – Shorter’s Vibes – Reality (1978)
  10. Graham Connah Group – All Her Wind And Her Will – Snaps Erupt At Pure Spans (1994)
  11. Enrico Rava – The Fearless Five – Enrico Rava Quartet (1978)
  12. Peter Herbert – Actus Tragicus – B A C H : A Chromatic Universe (2001)
  13. Junko Onishi – Brilliant Corners – Live at the Village Vanguard Vol 2 (1994)
  14. Michael Jefry Stevens Quartet – Sunny’s Song – For The Children (2008)
  15. Andre Canniere – Forward Space – Forward Space (2011)



  1. Ben Goldberg bass clarinet, contra alto clarinet, clarinet / Oscar Noriega bass clarinet, clarinet / Joachim Badenhorst bass clarinet, clarinet / Andrew Bishop contrabass clarinet, clarinet / Nate Radley guitar / Gary Versace organ / Jim Black drums / Kris Davis piano, compositions
  2. This live concert album from Ahmad Jamal was recorded in Marciac on August 5, 2014. Joined by bassist Reginald Veal, drummer Herlin Riley and percussionist Manolo Badrena, Jamal and company bring all the magic of his recent albums Blue Moon and Saturday Morning to the concert stage, all the while invoking the spirit of Cole Porter and Horace Silver.
  3. Ex-Maceo Parker and Courtney Pine trombonist Dennis Rollins, putting the instrument on the jazz map in recent decades, is here joined once more in his Velocity trio by Hammond organist Ross Stanley and Portuguese drummer Pedro Segundo.
  4. Ray Russell: electric guitar/Roy Fry: piano/Ron Mathewson: double bass/Alan Rushton: drums. Originally released in 1968. Reissued by Vocalion in 2007.
  5. David Berkman: piano/Dayna Stephens: soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone/ Billy Drewes: alto saxophone, soprano saxophone/Adam Kolker: soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet/ Linda Oh: bass/ Brian Blade: drums.
  6. Limited edition CD from 2005 – Dominic Duval – bass/Jimmy Halperin – tenor saxophone/Brian Willson – drums
  7. Jack Walrath – Trumpet/George Adams – Tenor Saxophone/Don Pullen – Piano/Charles Mingus – Bass/Dannie Richmond – Drums
  8. Recorded in 1966 at the Monterey Jazz Festival but not released on the Verve label until 1994. Randy Weston – piano/Ray Copeland – trumpet, flugelhorn, arranger/Booker Ervin – tenor saxophone/Cecil Payne – baritone saxophone/Bill Wood – bass/Lennie McBrowne – drums/Big Black – percussion
  9. The Frank Walton Sextet is marked by creative excitement, a depth of emotion, subtle swing a measure of funk, and harmonic and melodic sophistication. These ingredients, coupled with poly-harmonies, poly-rhythms, and at times, poly-tonality, comprise the perfect mixture to describe present day jazz-Chicago style. One of the few records ever from Chicago trumpeter Frank Walton – and a sweet-stepping bit of soul jazz with some nice funky undercurrents! The group’s mostly acoustic, but has a bit of electricity in the keyboards and bass – making for a few tracks that emerge with rounded and warm tones that pus the album almost in the direction of some of the best indie soul jazz work on Muse at the time. Walton’s trumpet is in the lead, alongside alto by Henry Threadgill (making a rare “straight” appearance!), piano by Jodie Christian, and soprano and tenor sax by Ari Brown. A few tunes have some jagged moments that show the AACM leanings of some of the group’s members, but overall the sound is relativey straight and soulful.
  10. Graham Connah – Piano/Ben Goldberg – Clarinets/Rob Sudduth – Saxophones/Trevor Dunn – Basses/Kenny Wollesen – Drums
  11. Enrico Rava – trumpet/Roswell Rudd – trombone/Jean-François Jenny-Clark – bass/Aldo Romano – drums
  12. Carol Robinson; bass-clarinet/ Ingrid Jensen; flugelhorn/trumpet/ Marc Copeland; piano/  Kenny Wollesen; drums/percussion
  13. Junko Inishi – piano/ Reginald Veal – bass / Herlin Riley – drums
  14. Dave Schnitter – Saxophone/Dominic Duval – Bass/Jay Rosen – Drums/Michael Jefry Stevens – Piano
  15. Andre Canniere – trumpet/Hannes Riepler – guitar/George Fogel – piano, keyboards/Ryan Trebilcock – double bass/Jon Scott – drums



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