Aural Delights 132


  1. Moscow Transport – She’s Not Alone – More EP
  2. Mystic Inane – Polite Society – Eggs Onna Plate
  3. Les Big Byrd – Dust Heads – Liquid Sky EP
  4. Goatsnake – Another River To Cross – Black Age Blues
  5. Johann Kloos – Empty Sea – Derelict Piano
  6. Two Car Family – Love To Hate – Unreleased Live Performance
  7. Ummagma – Kiev (Haioka Remix) – Jerry Bouthier Mystery Tour
  8. Coffinfish – Zadok Allen – I Am Providence
  9. We Are The Ocean – I Wanna Be – Ark
  10. A Billion Lions – Doomsday Babies – Single
  11. Ten Mouth Electron – Lux Mundi – Minor Characters
  12. DDS – Machines Study Me – Machines (Single)
  13. Locean – Girl To The Front – 1
  14. Moscow Transport – More – More EP
  15. Title Fight – Murder Your Memory – Hyperview
  16. The Barbazons – Street Queens In Heat – Avec Plaisir
  17. Spit Tips – Underthere – Demo
  18. Galley Beggar – Adam and Eve – Silence & Tears
  19. New Politicians – Revelator – Remission
  20. El Zombie – Extinct Myself – Stinky (7″)
  21. C H R I S T – Sine – T O W E R
  22. The Sceptres – Hiraeth – Discography
  23. Johann Kloos – Horizontal Hold – Derelict Piano
  24. Champs – 3,000 Miles – Vamala
  25. Ken Camden – Renewal – Dream Memory
  26. Sweet Billy Pilgrim – Slingshot Grin – Motorcade Amnesiacs
  27. Lokomotive Kreuzberg – Criminalis –  James Blond · Den Lohnräubern auf der Spur
  28. Voices From The Lake – Sonia Danza – Live at MAXXI
  29. Los and the Deadlines – It Could Be So Much Better – Perfect Holiday EP

2 car family


  1. Debut EP from Salford’s Indie Rockers – review and mini-interview here
  2. Punk Band from New Orleans – Bandcamp
  3. Stockholm based Kraut-punkers
  4. Los Angeles Doom Metal band with their new album on Southern Lord
  5. New piano pieces from Salford’s finest purveyor of Psychedelic Pop – from Soundcloud
  6. New three piece from Leeds featuring Andy Watkins from Flies On You.
  7. DJ/producer/sound-designer Jerry Bouthier hooks up with Germany’s Emerald & Doreen records for compilation-mix “Mystery Tour”. The London-based Frenchman picks his favorite tracks & remixes from the young imprint’s already extensive catalogue (500+ tracks & remixes in three years) and produces a 1h idiosyncratic mix taking listeners on a magic ride.
  8. Founded in 2011, Coffinfish is still evolving, growing, and widening the scope of musical inspirations. Although staying within the scope of “weird fiction”, they’re not limited to one  particular theme. Onirism, human mind, oceans, and mountains.  I Am Providence is a follow‐up to the 2013 EP called Staring at the Abyss and is a huge step  forward both musically and lyrically – Bandcamp
  9. With new management now on board the band recorded their fourth album, titled ARK, in the summer of 2014 and released an eponymous teaser single at the end of the year. They recorded a BBC Live Lounge session, playing an acoustic version of the track and a cover of London Grammar’s ‘Hey Now’ which led to BMG/Infectious signing the band. ARK was released on 11 May 2015.
  10. A BILLION LIONS are a 4 piece punk/rock band from Leeds/Bradford with an American influenced sound. ‘Doomsday Babies’ is their second official release. A BILLION LIONS formed in Leeds in 2013 putting their first demo recordings ‘On My Lover’ and ‘I’m Free’ on Youtube. Ferocious active in the North East’s punk scene A BILLION LIONS gravitated towards End Of The Trail Records with its unique ‘no contract, band owns everything, no strings attached policy’. Debut release ‘Torquay’ gained airplay from BBC 6 Music, XFM, Amazing Radio, BBC Intro and Planet Rock. With debut album Let It Happen due this September ‘Doomsday Babies’ looks set to build on the already considerable love in radio­land and blog­world for A BILLION LIONS with this feisty young band already likened to Henry Rollins, Pavement, Frank Turner, Allusondrugs, Courtney Barnett and Blink 182.
  11. 10mouthelectron is a pure foal of gold stretched tight among the gleaming like a stinking buzz, all sinewy and unchewable, like. It fits. It definitely fits.It is as an old rarified nun in a wind tunnel, habit rip-roaring and countenance utterly gleeful. And it gives. It definitely gives, also. Its sound is of a wet tusk husking dryly the rusted busk. Brothers and sisters has it none. Ten Mouth’s father is its son.
  12. New release from Danny Short’s experimental outfit DDS – Bandcamp
  13. Manchester based Lauren Bolger’s spoken word project with added post-punk sounds – Bandcamp
  14. as 1.
  15. Hyperview is the third studio album by American punk rock band Title Fight. It was produced by Will Yip, and was released on February 3, 2015 through ANTI-.
  16. Bandcamp
  17. Two piece from Berkeley, California-  Bandcamp
  18. Bringing diverse musical tastes to the band, all six members converge on the folk fusion of the late 1960s and early 1970s – Fairport Convention, Pentangle, Steeleye Span, Trees, and many lesser known groups whose musicianship was largely overlooked in a rapidly changing music scene.
  19. New Politicians are a four piece Post-Punk, Alternative Rock band from Centerville, NJ. The band consists of Renal Anthony (vocals/guitar), Gian Cortese (guitar/keyboards/vocals), Winston Mitlo (bass), and Erik Watson (drums). Formed in October 2012, they began writing their song catalog and honing their live sound. On April 21st, 2015 the band released their third EP entitled Remission. This seven track release is available to stream & download on their Bandcamp.
  20. Lo-Fi rage-trash-rock-punk-blues-band duo from Utrecht, Holland.
  21. From within the vast expanses of Montréal’s arts underworld comes C H R I S T, as the outfit prepares their debut LP, T O W E R for release this Summer via L’Oeil Du Tigre. While this band itself may be a new name to the scene, the members of C H R I S T hold deep roots in the Quebec scene, veterans of a range of bands currently or previously holding collective rank in Ire, The Black Hand, Complications, Cobra Noir, Sed Non Satiata, Near Grey and more, who here culminate their talents to deliver an emotive display of largely instrumental, fully immersive, ethereal post-hardcore/rock. Founded by guitarists Patrick Fontaine (Ire, The Black Hand, Complications) and Maxime Jenniss (Cobra Noir), who later recruited Charles Marty (Sed Non Satiata) and Kevin Bartczak (Near Grey), C H R I S T is a far more restrained and contemplative endeavor than what would be safe to assume when looking at the band’s pedigree. Combining a sparse and almost virtuously patient approach to percussion with lush walls of harmonic drop-tuned textures, the band creates intimate and enthralling soundscapes. C H R I S T recently completed an intense recording session at Thee Mighty Hotel2Tango in Montréal, which is now set to emerge as T O W E R, the band’s sprawling debut LP excursion. The album was recorded by Thierry Amar (Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra) at Hotel2Tango, with additional recordings by Bunny Bartczak at HLR Grover. It was mixed by Radwan Ghazi Moumneh and Thierry Amar at Hotel2Tango and mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market, its artwork created from photos by Anouk Lessard, edited by Claude Lafrance, and designed by Maxime Jenniss. Comprised of four mostly instrumental songs which offer more than a few surprises as they bloom, T O W E R is an otherworldly documentation of well-crafted audio artistry fit for fans of Earth, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Lae, Mogwai, This Will Destroy You and Crippled Black Phoenix. T O W E R will be released by the Montreal-based DIY label, L’oeil Du Tigre on 12” vinyl and digital formats on June 8th 2015.
  22. The Sceptres play glorious, jagged, up tempo punk rock, that has elements of those great late 70’s UK punk bands that I loved so much, as well as harnessing the power of the later hardcore bands; it’s a wonderfully timeless sound that we can’t get enough of. Think Dangerhouse records from the UK and you will be on the right path. Featuring dudes from Good Throb, Shitty Limits, Satellites of Love, No, Love Triangle etc.
  23. as 5.
  24. Coming less than a year after Champs’s debut Down Like Gold, there is no whiff of “difficult second album” syndrome to Vamala. The Isle of Wight duo have some effective pop tricks up their sleeve: lead single Desire dispenses with an instrumental introduction, beginning with vocals instead (“It starts with explosions … ”); one instrumental passage nods to Bronski Beat’s synthpop fave Smalltown Boy; and their repetition of the word “echo” is so ludicrously effective that you wonder why no one’s done it before. The production, by Boe Weaver, is sparse on songs such as Running and the title track, which carry their wintry sadness with the lightness of Hot Chip, while a picked acoustic guitar adorns Forever Be Upstanding at the Door and Roll Me Out. Vamala breaks no musical boundaries, but the melody of a song such as Sophia has the indelibility of the Bee Gees – indeed, Michael Chapman’s voice has a frailty reminiscent of Robin Gibb.
  25. Guitarist Ken Camden returns for his third solo album, continuing his explorations to seek out new techniques and sounds from the electric guitar. By utilising both a steel slide and e-bow technique, Camden has moved into micro-tonal territory to bridge the textural gap between guitar and synthesiser while examining their inherent differences. The palette is further broadened by introducing an organic vocal sampling machine described as a Vocaltron. Much like a Mellotron, vocal samples (contributed by Emily Elhaj and Angel Olsen) are chromatically organised in half steps from the lowest note to the highest possible. Each set is specific to the contributor’s range and each note is unedited to keep all original characteristics of that particular individual’s voice. This organised organic information adds a contrast to the electric guitar and synthesiser arrangements on the album. The development of all of these systems gives Dream Memory a diversity throughout it’s tracks while maintaining an atmospheric bond that weaves the ideas into a thematic whole.
  26. Following on from their critically acclaimed album ‘Crown and Treaty’, which was awarded a coveted five stars by Mojo, and its Mercury Music Prize-nominated predecessor ‘Twice Born Men’, Sweet Billy Pilgrim are back with their brand new album ‘Motorcade Amnesiacs’, again, receiving rave reviews from the media.
  27. “James Blond, den Lohnräubern auf der Spur” is a neglected milestone in German rock history. The band Lokomotive Kreuzberg called it “Polit-Rock-Kabarett” and it’s rather a stage show with rock music. If you think of Bert Brecht’s 3 Penny Opera you get the idea, although this show didn’t have a similar impact at all. Kreuzberg is a district of West-Berlin, where they were a part of the underground scene together with Ton Steine Scherben and many other projects. All of them were opposing the cold-war strategy of the Allied Forces and the exploitation of factory workers by Wirtschaftswunder capitalism. After some personal changes Lokomotive Kreuzberg became the backing band of Nina Hagen when she was expulsed from communist Eastern Germany in 1978 and relocated to the political island of West-Berlin with the wall around it. Together they released 2 ground-shaking records at the peak of the punk movement. Next the band was renamed to Spliff, now diving into new wave, redefining german rock once again by releasing another 3 records. In 1984 they separated and everybody took his own road in music business leaving many more traces. But this is where it started.
  28. Voices from the Lake is an intensely personal project borne out of the long-standing friendship between two Italian DJ/producers, Donato Dozzy and Neel. The project extends and deepens their explorations of ambient techno, with an emphasis firmly placed on the ‘techno’ component. Listening to Voices from the Lake is an immersive experience, as the textured beats and carefully crafted rhythms have …a deeply hypnotic effect. The open, fluid structure of the music gives it an organic, natural feel, transporting you to more peaceful surroundings.
  29. “The seedy underbelly of any major city spawns some of the most depraved and morally reprehensible dregs of society who seek one another out to join in a range of dubious behaviours, making music being one of them.” This is how Los and the Deadlines describe their origins; an anti-establishment collective formed by Arizona native and lead vocalist Alex LoSardo, who moved to London in 2010. After being introduced to guitarist Neils Bakx, the two found common ground in their interests and influences and started composing music while studying for their undergraduate degrees. After several line up changes and the release of two EPs, the band recruited Italian drummer Alberto Voglino and Israeli bassist Rotem Haguel. Together they embarked on the recording of their third EP ‘Perfect Holiday’ which marked a new direction in the band’s musical journey. The epitome of art-rock, Los and the Deadlines utilise cliches to convey their message through their broad-ranging sound, which encompasses grunge, stoner rock, noise rock, punk and sludge. The band’s ‘Perfect Holiday’ EP explores the absurdities of Western civilisation by contrasting the reality of an urban, deprecating society and its oposing depiction in the mass media. This incongruence is described not only through tongue in cheek lyrics but also through music where there is an ever present competition between noise and melody through thrashing riffs and thumping rhythms.

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