World of Jazz 131


  1. Sonny Simmons – Coltrane In Paradise – Manhattan Egos
  2. Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas – Sprints – Sound Prints Live at the Monterey Jazz Festival
  3. Hamiet Blueitt Sextet – Precious Moments for Right Now – Young Warrior, Old Warrior
  4. Clusone 3- El Condor Pasa – Rara Avis
  5. Gunnar Halle, Jeppe Kjellberg, Steinar Nickelsen – Echidna – Echidna
  6. Sonny Stitt – Four – Just Friends Live at Bubba’s
  7. Phil Donkin – La Jurona – The Gate
  8. Clifford Thornton – Ketchaoua – Ketchaoua
  9. John Coltrane – Mr P.C. – The Complete Graz Concert Vol 1.



  1. Sonny Simmons- alto saxophone & English horn; Barbara Donald- trumpet; Juma- bass & conga drums; Paul Smith- drums.  February 10, 1969 Berkeley, CA
  2. Recorded live at Monterey on 21 September 2013 . The band name Sound Prints references Shorter classic ‘Footprints’ saxophonist Joe Lovano and trumpeter Dave Douglas joined at the Californian festival by pianist Lawrence Fields, bassist Linda Oh and drummer Joey Baron.
  3. Although an adventurous improviser always associated with the avant-garde, baritonist Hamiet Bluiett shows throughout this intriguing CD that he can also play blues and bop quite effectively. In fact, “Blues in F and G” is a straight-ahead duet by Bluiett with bassist Keter Betts. Some of the other songs feature the other musicians stretching themselves in Bluiett’s direction, including a fairly free duet that he has with drummer Jimmy Cobb (“Jimmy and Me”). The music — which is interpreted by a sextet also including trumpeter Jack Walrath, tenor saxophonist Mark Shim, and pianist Larry Willis — certainly keeps one constantly guessing and has no slow moments.
  4. The idea here is to play songs with references to birds in them: “The Buzzard Song,” “El Condor Pasa,” “Skylark,” even Saint-Saens “Le Cynge.” Not only that, but group members go out of their way to make bird sounds, even quacking. Trio members, percussionist Hans Bennink, cellist Ernst Reijseger and alto sax, clarinet and melodica player Michael Moore are versatile, proficient instrumentalists.
  5. Cut from a 3 hour long free improvisation recorded in Vor Frue Kirke, Minster of Copenhagen, on May 12th 2007.
  6. Alto & TenorSaxophone – Sonny Stitt ; Bass – Donn Mast ; Drums – Duffy Jackson ; Piano – Eddie Higgins ; Tenor Saxophone – Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis ; Trumpet – Harry “Sweets” Edison. Live at Bubba’s Jazz Restaurant, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, Nov 11, 1981.
  7. Phil Donkin – double bass ; Ben Wendel – tenor saxophone ; Glenn Zaleski – piano ; Jochen Rueckert – drums. Recorded at Systems Two Studios, Brooklyn, August 12/13, 2014.
  8. Alto Saxophone – Arthur Jones ; Bass – Beb Guerin ; Congas, Gong, Percussion – Earl Freeman ; Cornet, Congas – Clifford Thornton ; Drums – Sunny Murray ; Piano, Bells – Dave Burrell
    Soprano Saxophone – Archie Shepp ; Trombone – Grachan Moncur III. Recorded August 18, 1969 in Paris.
  9. Bass – Jimmy Garrison ; Drums – Elvin Jones ; Piano – McCoy Tyner ; Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – John Coltrane. Stefaniensall, Graz, Austria, November 28, 1962.


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