Aural Delights 131


  1. Factory Acts – Americans With Guns – Screaming Profit
  2. Senton Bombs – Black Chariot – Phantom High
  3. Deepshade – Tattoo – Single
  4. Cathode Ray Eyes – And The Burial Had Several Different Endings – Eyes in the melancholy palm
  5. The Woodbine & Ivy Band – Sleep On Sleeping On – Sleep On Sleeping On
  6. Baby Woodrose – Good Day To Die – Kicking Ass & Taking Names
  7. Nils Petter Molvær – Song of Sand II – Khmer (ECM#
  8. Roy Moller – Another Man’s God – The Stereogram Singles Sampler – June 2015
  9. The Cathode Ray – Buck The Trend
  10. Pearl Divers – Something
  11. Haioka – From Ash Hill – From Ash Hill
  12. Boxhead and Gloves – Just Unlucky
  13. nTTX – Falls Beautiful – Falls Beautiful
  14. The Junta – Hydra Uprising – Hydra (German Shepherd – 12th June 2015)
  15. Mutton – Western Moan – Mutton
  16. Lunar Twin – Champagne (Ummagma Remix) – Champagne
  17. Mind Rays – Take Forever – Split 7″ with Teen Creeps
  18. Teen Creeps – Take – Split 7″ with Mind Rays
  19. Lightnin’ Hopkins – Walkin’ This Road By Myself – How Many More Years I Got
  20. Brain Tilt – Shadow Behind – The Deranged Side Of Doo-Wop
  21. Les Big Byrd – The Summer Ends Tonight – Liquid Sky EP
  22. The Cheap Thrills – Rusty – Single
  23. Far Out Corporation – Suicide At Home – FOC
  24. Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist – I’m Gonna Release Your Soul – Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Where I Hide

Deepshade colour band promo


  1. Live at the Crescent Salford as part of the first German Shepherd Records weekend.
  2. From the Senton Bombs latest E.P. release Phantom High. Described as a classic tale of “a man’s soul versus the power of evil forces”, the song tells the story of a sinister figure arriving at a bar and challenging his chosen victim to sing for their life; reminiscent of “Devil Goes Down To Georgia” but with much darker and brooding undertones. Set to a haunting Southern rock style, best described as a “blues rock spawned prowl”, Black Chariot takes the listener on an emotive journey through a chilling narrative to a tragic climax.
  3. Trio from Wigan. Debut single taken from the forthcoming album “Everything Popular is Wrong” (September 2015).
  4. From the debut long player from Cathode Ray Eyes (solo project of Ryan from The Cult Of Dom Keller) From beginning to end, this is a melting pot of lo-fi madness recorded as a by product of insomnia, tinnitus and the descending insanity of the world around us. ‘Eyes in the melancholy palm’ is a dark, brooding record that lurches from cinematic instrumentals ( ‘And the burial had several different endings’) to fuzzed out deranged pop (‘Harry Houdini’ ) while other tracks such as ‘The Unsuccessful Resurrection Of James Dean’ and ‘Will You Catch Me When I Fall From On High’ evoke a gothic psych ambience that will suck you further into this sonic fever dream.  Eerie, otherworldly and sometimes bizarre, welcome to the glorious world of Cathode Ray Eyes…
  5. Second album – shifting from a more traditional folky sound towards the shores of acid-folk (whatever that is), manages to be cutting edge without making it too obvious.
  6. A compilation album of Baby Woodrose vinyl 7” b-sides and rarities collected from various releases from the past 13 years. Besides b-sides and split singles released on Bad Afro Records the album includes b-sides from singles released on Swedish, French, Norwegian and Greek record labels. It also includes a cover of “Beat City” by The Raveonettes. Most of the songs were recorded by the original line-up of Lorenzo Woodrose (vocals/guitar), The Moody Guru (bass) and Fuzz Daddy (drums). That goes for the self-released debut 7” on Pan Records which originally was released in only 300 copies. The two songs – 6654321 and That’s How Strong My Love Is – comes from the very first studio session Baby Woodrose did as a band, only a few months after the release of the Blows Your Mind album which Lorenzo Woodrose released on his own.
  7. Classic crossover album from Molvaer which merges bleak scandanavian jazz with cutting edge (at the time) electronica and rock elements.
  8. The new single from Roy Moller follows his two critically acclaimed 2014, albums on Stereogram, One Domino and My Week Beats Your Year, The latter, a tribute to Lou Reed, was described a ‘profoundly moving and inspirational’ by Gus Ironside in his five-star Louder Than War review. Written with occasional collaborator Stevie Jackson (Belle and Sebastian), Another Man’s God first featured live in the studio on Moller’s BBC 6Music session for Marc Riley where Riley famously described Moller as ‘Scotland’s best-kept secret.’ Also a member of Jesus, Baby! fronted by Davy Henderson (Fire Engines/Sexual Objects), Edinburgh-born Moller has five solo albums, and a debut collection of poetry – Imports published by Appletree Writers’ Press, to his credit. Another Man’s God, as recorded by Moller in his hometown of Dunbar, combines skittering, rhythms, barbed lyrics and jagged guitar. Imagine a finesse-shredding Tom Verlaine gate-crashing the Bowie/Eno sessions for Earthling. Get a short, sharp shock of skewed jungle pop! Download Another Man’s God from Stereogram from June 1st.
  9. Buck the Trend is the second single to be lifted from the band’s highly acclaimed latest album Infinite Variety, which came out recently on Stereogram Recordings. Singled out by critics as just one of many standout tracks on the album, Buck the Trend is part German motorik, part L.A. Woman, part Art Rock. If Talking Heads or Television had relocated to Berlin in 1978, they might have sounded something like this…
  10. Carl Lingard is back with a new line-up, retaining Jeff Black on bass from the first iteration. A classy piece of summer pop. Mr Lingard can be found busking in Eccles Town Centre every now and again.
  11. The debut album of an artist who manages to develop a unique vocabulary of electronic music: Haioka – recent Red Bull Academy graduate and forerunner of a newly emerging more global Japanese electronic music scene. His album „From Ash Hill“ accomplishes so well what his music is about: the present that is made out of the joyful play of past and future. You wouldn’t think then that the two big artistic inspirations of the Tokyo guy are his grandma and the Japanese earthquake of 2011. Haioka sounds far too contemporary as to have some afternoon chats with his grannie. Also there’s a tenderness in his articulation that would rather let you think of cherry blossoms, if you want to stay with the archaic.
  12. The first of a series of new songs from Mr Trenblath and his chums. Quality Manc pop.
  13. nTTx is the new project of Gord Clement (former singer/songwriter in Atomzero). His new music is a melodic, vocal driven form of EBM, with some synthpop and disco influences. The new single is titled ‘Falls Beautiful’ with a b-side cover version of ‘New Dress’ (Depeche Mode). The single is now available as a free download to the public via his bandcamp page:
  14. From the forthcoming EP on German Shepherd.
  15. Melbourne punkers – available from Bandcamp.
  16. Have you already heard the theory about the two moons? Well, it is said that the moon which exists today hasn’t always been so lonesome. It is believed that there was a smaller ‘twin’ which has lasted for only few million years and then it crashed with its bigger brother. This is where Lunar Twin begin their awe-inspiring journey. Christopher Murphy and Bryce Boudreau met in July 2011, at the Denver Underground Music Festival, and decided to create music which blends unique sounds with space- and time theories. On this Emerald & Doreen release you can find two tracks – a new edit of their breathtaking “Champagne” along with its amazing remixes and “Metroplex”. The seco.nd one is a bit darker, the drums and synths resemble the rhythm of a mega city where you get lost. But also ‘you’re never alone there’… cause the DJ seems to know you’.  The Canadian-Ukrainian duo, Ummagma brings ‘cinematic-ness’ to the next level with their delicate take on “Champagne”. A full kaleidoscope of harmonies, subtle vibes and the wonderful piano at the end sounds like the icing on the cake.
  17. A split 7″ release with Teen Creeps limited to 300 copies. all artwork 100% assembled by hand by the bandmembers and the label.
  18. as above
  19.  Though he had been performing since the 1920s, Texas bluesman Lightnin’ Hopkins was a fresh face to the majority of the young folk audiences of the 1960s. On the verge of drifting into obscurity, the singer had been rediscovered by enthusiast Mack McCormick and promoted to college crowds as a singer/guitarist in the folk-blues mold. What followed was a series of albums cut both solo and with session musicians for a variety of labels. “How Many More Years I Got” was one of the earliest.
  20. Swizz punkers release on Bandcamp.
  21. Scandanavian pysche punk – the album was recorded during the winter 2014 according to band member Joakim Åhlund. That might explain the subtle dark nerve in the music and lyrics. Mellow, mature music for fresh motherlovers as usual: Opening track ‘The Summer Ends Tonight’ takes off like a melancholic third eye opener. Title track ‘Liquid Sky’ sounds like a loving hug when you really need it. When the ‘Roundhouse Blues’ kicks in it´s time to play hide and seek with our minds.
  22. The Cheap Thrills’ release their new single ‘Rusty’ on July 13th, encapsulating the band’s energy and youth with an added Psych/Pop vibe. Aged just eighteen and nineteen, the band have already headlined 02 Academy shows, have been selected as winners of the coveted Liverpool Sound City Youth Award 2012 and played the Calling Out stage of Kendal Calling in the same year. Since then, The Cheap Thrills have played successful gigs in London, as well as supporting Cast, The Rifles, The Moons, The Jezabels, Wave Machines, Skaters and Superfood.
  23. Far Out Corporation was a band led by late singer-guitarist Grant McLennan, mostly known as a singer, songwriter and guitarist for Australian rock group The Go-Betweens. McLennan started the group with Ross McLennan (no relation) on drums, Dave Graney’s bass player Adele Pickvance and Powderfinger’s guitarist Ian Haug. The band was formed as a side project for all its members other than Ross McLennan, as they all were members of larger rock bands than Far Out Corporation. The group’s name is a reference to the rock supergroup Far Corporation. In 1998, the group recorded their first and only album, which was named FOC after the initials of the band’s name. In late 1999, McLennan’s old band The Go-Betweens unexpectedly reformed, and McLennan brought Pickvance into the new Go-Betweens line-up. At this point, Far Out Corporation ceased to be an active entity. On May the 6th, 2006, lead singer Grant McLennan died, and the group is no longer together.
  24. In this 2011 Dave remade a series of tunes from his back catalogue in a modern format. The track was originally on the Coral Snakes album You Wanna Be There But You Don’t Wanna Travel.

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