Aural Delights 129


  1. The Fall – Auto Chip 2014-2015 – Sub-Lingual Tablet (Cherry Red : 11th May 2015)
  2. Space Museum – Drastic Plastic – The Pain Chronicles (German Shepherd : 15th May 2015)
  3. Carla Bley & Steve Swallow – Major – Are We There Yet (Watt : 1999)
  4. Roger O’Donnell with Julia Kent – Tristan – Love and Other Tragedies (99X/100 : 26th June 2015)
  5. GRRR – Tuf Tuf Cruelty – GRRR (Unknown Label :1984)
  6. Steely Dan – Aja – Aja (ABC : 1977)
  7. Robert Forster – Bird – I Had A New York Girlfriend (Beggars Banquet : 1995)
  8. Monkeys In Love – Prendiamo il biscotto in rappresag – Free Download (Soundcloud : May 2015)
  9. Dead Future – Iron Lung – Black Mirror (Bandcamp : 28th November 2014)
  10. Hop Along, Queen Anslies – Sirens – Freshman Year (Unknown Label : 2006)
  11. The Holydrug Couple – Dreamy – Moonlust (Sacred Bones/Bandcamp : 12th May 2015)
  12. The Fall – Venice With The Girls – Sub-Lingual Tablet (Cherry Red : 11th May 2015)
  13. Pretty Lightning – A Gift From A Bone To A Bell – A Magic Lane Of Light And Rain (Cardinal Fuzz : May 2015)
  14. Blacklist Union – Alive And Well And Smack In The Middle Of Hell (Unknown Label : June 2015)
  15. All Whales Go To Heaven – Ley Lines (Soundcloud : Unknown Date)
  16. IIOIOIOII – Face Them All (Original Mix) – Post Brimstone (Analogue Trash : May 2015)
  17. Space Museum – Baffled – The Pain Chronicles (German Shepherd : 15th May 2015)
  18. Heroin In Tahiti – Superdavoli – Sun and Violence (Boring Machines  – Bandcamp : 4th April 2015)
  19. Keenhouse – Time (Auxiliary The Masterfader Remix) – A Future Past Remixed (Emerald and Doreen : May 2015)
  20. Romin – Wasted (Did Virgo Remix) – Remixes (Emerald and Doreen : May 2015)
  21. Night Dials – I’ve Done More Things (Ciao Ketchup : 22nd June 2015)
  22. King Flamingo – Let Me Take You (For A Saucer Ride) – Astro-Tone (Bandcamp : 20th February 2015)
  23. The Fall – Junger Cloth – Sub-Lingual Tablet (Cherry Red : 11th May 2015)
  24. Milton Star – Things Fall Apart (Stereogram : 15th June 2015)
  25. Peur – Explosions Clear – Future Architects (All Digital Retail Outlets : 1st June 2015)
  26. Hop Along – The Knock – Painted Shut ( Bandcamp : 4th May 2015)

Mark E Smiff


  1. Back to some sort of form
  2. Four track EP
  3. Classic duo recordings from German tour in 1998
  4. Best known for his role as keyboard player with alternative rock band The Cure, Roger has spent most of the last five years composing for orchestral strings. Ranging in size from the Wurttemberg Chamber Orchestra (The Bernhard Suite) to this his most recent work written for the cellist Julia Kent, ‘Love and Other Tragedies’.
  5. Netherlands post-punkers of which I know very little other than they sound great
  6. Their best seller and featuring a great solo from Wayne Shorter
  7. Dave Graney mentioned this on Facebook and I dug it out for a listen. The third of RF’s solo albums features 12 covers and a host of Australian Music’s heavy hitters including the aforementioned Mr Graney on “growl”.
  8. A track from the “Take the Biscuit” album sessions which didn’t make it onto the final disc.
  9. Punk band from Montreal
  10. Hop Along was originally known as Hop Along, Queen Ansleis, and was formed in 2004 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hop Along began with one member, Frances Quinlan. In 2006, she released the album called Freshman Year, that introduced the world to her folky storytelling. In 2009, Quinlan expanded the band and they formally became “Hop Along”. Two EP’s were released that year, but the real attention was brought by their 2012 debut album,Get Disowned. The ingenious songwriting of Quinlan was brought into a full-band context, which sounds like a mesh of 90’s slacker rock like Pavement, the indie/folk honesty of Bright Eyes, and the power pop-punk energy of Waxahatchee or Lemuria.
  11. Chilean neo psych dream pop.
  12. as 1.
  13. Pretty Lightning is a psychedelic blues duo and the spiritual home of Christian Berghoff and Sebastian Haas – brothers in mind and sons of the Datashock family collective. Formed in 2007 their debut LP was released via Fonal and showcased their rolling and tumblin’ Spacemen 3 in the Mississippi chug. Now in 2015 Pretty Lightning present ‘A Magic Lane of Light and Rain’ a throbbing delta blues psychedelic gloop that collides with the communal vibe of some of their Krautrock forefathers. Recorded in a way that holds no regards for studio polish or any hi-tech sheen – Pretty Lightning favour sounds that bleed together and push their music into a fuzzy sun-baked back porch haze. ‘A Magic Lane Of Light and Rain’ provides you with pounding stomping drums, reverb drenched dirty riffs, ghostly vocals, analog keys/loops and songs that sound as though there coming filtered from a long faded dream.
  14. ‘Blacklist Union’ draws influences from ‘The Ramones’ to ‘Aerosmith’ giving them an angsty, unhinged, straight ahead Blues/Rock sound. Tony West leads the band with primal assertive vocals in a full-throttle Rock ‘n’ Roll celebration revitalising the hedonism that the genre once new. Tony West identifies with ‘Alive N’ Well, Smack In The Middle Of Hell’ as “A song about living in the city, being able to survive despite what goes on around you and to sustain and survive physically, spiritually and mentally”. From the forthcoming album “Back To Momo”.
  15. First heard on Dave Hammond Smelly Flowerpot show. Cambridge based band with a great melodic feel.
  16. Started in 2012 IIOIOIOII (pronounced I.O.) was formed by Christopher Gurney on a corner desk in his bedroom. Chris spent years slowing shaping the current sounds to match the tones and melodies in his head. Going from rough and distorted tones with growling and raspy vocals of their first album Reflect to smooth sounds by going both backwards and moving forward at the same time in style. In late 2013 IIOIOIOII released Sun, through the now defunct Juggernaut Music Group, which gained accolades from the European Industrial music scene. Getting positive write ups from I Die : You Die, Peek-A-Boo Magazine, and many other publications. It was also rated the third best release of 2013 by Brutal Resonance. The project moved forward into 2014 further developing and shaping their sound. In 2015, Post Brimstone was released; 5 down tempo tracks to lay back with. Grab your favorite pair of headphones and stare at the ceiling. Sometimes bright and uplifting, sometimes dark and brooding, Post Brimstone will engage you like a bittersweet failed romance.
  17. As 2.
  18. Album of the year so far for me. Heroin In Tahiti return with “Sun And Violence”: a new, mammoth double LP which ideally stands for the technicolor version of their “Canicola” cassette, released in 2014 by No=FI Recordings. As with the aforementioned tape, source and inspiration of “Sun And Violence” is Italian folklore and the work of ethnomusicologist Diego Carpitella in Southern Italy during the 50s.  This time, Heroin In Tahiti abandon the freaked out approach of the previous release, for an almost prog-infused sequence of psychedelic folk dances, spacey tarantellas, twangy guitars, black market hymns and Joe Meek-style homages to the sinking of Costa Concordia. An epic journey into the abyss of Mediterranean psyche, “Sun And Violence” is easily the most ambitious statement from the authors of “Death Surf”. As Byron Coley put it, talking about their “Peplum” 7 inch: “so inspiring you’ll feel like whipping out your camera and making a little movie”. Only this time the movie is HUGE.
  19. There have previously been a couple of occasions at which Los Angeles-based artist Ken Rangkuty (Keenhouse) contributed genius-like moments for Emerald & Doreen Records. Most prominently his re-working of go nogo’s „Things Ain’t Right“ produced an athmosphere full of suspense with skewed vocal tunage, minimalistic, impressionistic piano motifs and sparse drum-programming. This interpretation is a fine example of how Keenhouse successfully marries the worlds of traditional instrumentation and electronica. Having released his third full length record „A Future Past“ in January, Keenhouse propelled his approach to style in a series of songs that feature brass- and lush string-arrangements, live-drumming plus vocalistic traits of colloborators. This enriched formula has produced an album that more than ever introduces compositional talents of someone who can weld pop, classical romanticism and electronic playfulness together. Having established an artist-roster which constantly exchanges talents in the guise of remix swaps, Emerald & Doreen pays a tribute to the talented Mr. Keenhouse in having some label-greats remixing A Future Past almost entirely. Netherlandish disco don Auxiliary Tha Masterfader is keeping the original dreamy and balladesque quality of “Time” intact, though adding an extra-amount of synth-nostalgia. This is kitsch in the best sense, like driving with an open canopy into the sunset, reminiscing of a long-forgotten teenage love affair.
  20. Romin’s  “Fallen EP” saw the daylight exclusively on Emerald & Doreen Records at the turn of the year… Romin is Future Bones’ Leo Pearson’s solo project …. on this release the five tracks get remixed by a variety of different artists.
  21. West Londoners with a new double A side recorded in the basement of a pub apparently.
  22. Californian surf-billy.
  23. As 1.
  24. Milton Star follow their hugely successful double A side record ‘Salvation’ and ‘Sorryville’ with the release of their new single ‘Things Fall Apart’. The track is another example of duo Alan Wyllie and Graeme Currie’s unerring ability to create wonderfully atmospheric stories about love, loss and regret framed in beautifully structured melodies and carried by an expansive tremolo wall of sound and a dark soul. For those familiar with simultaneously released debut, ‘Things Fall Apart’ finds them in similar territory with a tale of the darker side of the human condition, referencing the destructive capacity of depression and all it entails. “I think we all have that capacity to fall foul of our inner demons at times.” says Alan “and the pace of modern life and the inherent shallowness of relationships lived through social media & technology can detach us a little from the real world and the problems many suffer from, itching just below the surface.” From the first Duane Eddy inspired twang underpinned by wandering strings and rhythmic arpeggio piano we are in cinematic noire territory and the accompanying video speaks volumes, the roll of the dice, the miniature Mariachis, the Mexicano tarot cards, the sinister skull-painted faces, the burlesque dancers – this is a beautifully tragic song rich in imagery.
    Alan and Graeme have been collaborating in different guises dating back to the early days of post punk but these days the duo write and record their unique blend of indie and dark country in a converted church where Alan lives in Fife, which, as Alan explains, is pivotal in the writing process. “The things that feed the ideas and make the sound are the environment and acoustics here in the church and the setting of the surrounding countryside. Out in those fields you could be anywhere at any point in time, and that’s where the stories start to form.” Graeme adds “Although we have a lot of shared musical influences like the Velvet Underground, Bowie and Roxy Music, I veer towards the more experimental side of things like Captain Beefheart whereas Alan likes a lot of early 50s vintage rock and country. Once you factor into that mix the cinematic soundtrack influences like Angelo Badalamenti and Ennio Morricone, that’s when the Milton Star sound comes together.”
  25. Peur, the French word for fear and pronounced “per” are Joe Lomax (guitar/vocals), Ryan Greenhalgh (bass) and Sam Tempest (percussion). This Manchester trio formed in 2013 and released their first single “Anarchy” and debut EP “We Can Build Astronauts” that same year. In 2014, Peur hit the road gigging with Dubai band EYE (Empty Yard Experiment), DZ Deathrays, Allusondrugs, and Canadian rockers, Dearly Beloved. The band also released the singles “This Will Destroy You” and “Explosions”. The latter being the first single from their upcoming EP “Future Architects”. In early 2015, Peur released their second single from the “Future Architects EP, Hollow Skies”.
  26. as 10.

The Pain Chronicles

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