World of Jazz 121


  1. Pete Newman Clarinet Project – The Madness of George King – Time For Your Bathysphere
  2. Stephane Furic – Could You Be There? – The Twitter Machine
  3. Michael Blake – In The Arms Of Ali – Elevated
  4. Billy Skinner D.J.Q. – Star Dancer – Kosen Rufu
  5. Carla Bley Band – Wrong Key Donkey – European Tour 1977
  6. James Finn Trio – Toreo De Capa – Plaza De Toros
  7. Marc Sabatella – Or Not – The Spanish Inquisition
  8. Don Pullen, Chico Freeman, Fred Hopkins, Bobby Battle – Warriors Dance Little Don Part 2 – Warriors
  9. Bea Benjamin with Dollar Brand – African Songbird – African Songbird
  10. Pete Newman Clarinet Project – People I Don’t Know – Time For Your Bathysphere

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