Aural Delights 110

So with the start of the new year and some adjustment I am returning Aural Delights to it’s original raison d’etre – there will be music local to the area I live in which you will not have had a chance to hear (unless you live in these parts), there will be the very interesting things I have been sent by bands and promo people, and there will be the occasional look back to the music, rarely heard or forgotten with the passage of time, which was vital in creating the vast musical world we live in today.



  1. Villagog – Düsseldorf Dub – Spacetrash
  2. dd:mm:yy – Six Trak – Altin Village Split
  3. Gashrat – I Decided – Downz
  4. Ladywolf – Meat Wallet – Babes
  5. Mekons – Like Spoons No More – The Quality of Mercy
  6. Erik Honoré – Navigators – Heligraphs
  7. Moff Skellington – Plate Your Gas On The Uterus Stool – Marine Sugars (locally glimpsed)
  8. The Ex – Six Of One And Half A Dozen Of The Other – History Is What’s Happening
  9. (New England) Patriots – Rat – Vol. 1
  10. Once and Future Band – Brain (Watching Your Eyes) – Brain
  11. Pye Corner Audio – Sleep Games – Sleep Games
  12. The Yardbirds – I’m A Man – Five Live Yardbirds
  13. Astral Gunk – I’m A Wreck – S/T Cassette
  14. Johann Kloos – Charlie The Mad Milkie – 2005
  15. Nature Boys – Babylon – Nature Boys 2nd LP
  16. Violent Change – I Was Never Young – A Celebration Of Taste
  17. R.Seiliog  – Ostisho – Doppler

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