Aural Delights Special – Trojan Horse

It’s nice when a band that comes from just round the corner from you puts out a good album, that they then come up with a second album that manages to exceed the quality of the first one is even more pleasing.

I refer to Trojan Horse who emerged clad in plaid shirts and more beard growth than you can shake a stick at from the leafy end of the peoples republic of Eccles some five years ago. Their first album of what was loosely called “prog nouveau” proved to be a regular airplay on the old radio shows and I was involved in part with the launch of their Fire EP a few years back,

The new album “World Turned Upside Down” is a massive piece of work of stunning quality and I’ve interviewed Nick from the band on the Studeo Blog about the release.

To celebrate the launch here is a special podcast focusing on the band – featuring three tracks from the new album, selections from their previous releases, a pair of favourite tracks from each member of the band and a few of my own selections which I thought would fit in with the overall feel of the band.

If you’ve not heard them before and you enjoy experimental rock music with a strong melodic element then I recommend you check them out.


  1. Trojan Horse – Paper Bells
  2. Sun Kil Moon – Carry Me, Ohio
  3. Pink Floyd – Matilda Mother
  4. David Bowie – Warsawa
  5. Trojan Horse – Laces and Racists
  6. Gentle Giant – The Advent of Panurge
  7. XTC – Scissor Man
  8. Soft Machine – Hibou, Anenome and Bear
  9. Trojan Horse – Jurapsyche Park
  10. Delia Derbyshire – Blue Veils and Golden Sand
  11. The Pretty Things – Loneliest Person
  12. Denis Jones – Sometimes
  13. Trojan Horse – Disciplining The Reserve Army (Acoustic)
  14. Doves – Catch The Sun
  15. Caravan – The Dog, The Dog, He’s At It Again
  16. David Bowie – The Man Who Sold The World
  17. Trojan Horse – Patricroft Way
  18. Canvas – I Am As Weak As A Kitten
  19. Cosy Powell  – Dance With The Devil
  20. King Crimson – Starless
  21. Trojan Horse – World Turned Upside Down

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