World of Jazz 87 – Tribute to Charlie Haden

In memory of Charlie Haden

And so another great jazz-man leaves us. It is impossible to try and encapsulate  his impact on music in an hour, given Charlie’s massive output both as a leader and a sideman, so I have chosen a few obvious ones, and a focus on two of the bands with which he developed a lasting legacy – his work with Paul Motian & Geri Allen, and the trio with Billy Higgins and Enrico Pieranunzi.  There’s a lot more that has been left out including the excellent work with Keith Jarrett and the ground-breaking experiments with Carla Bley, and his work in the area of World Music.

If you have not explored his music I strongly recommend his very strong body of work.

Haden released the bass from it’s traditional rhythm section role in jazz with his approach to melody and lyricism and he truly was one the great innovators of jazz, he will be greatly missed.



  1. Charlie Haden with Geri Allen and Paul Motian – Blues In Motion – The Montreal Tapes
  2. Ornette Coleman – Beauty Is A Rare Thing – This Is Our Music
  3. Charlie Haden & Quartet West – The Red Wind – In Angel City
  4. Pat Metheny – Turnaround – 80/81
  5. Charlie Haden & Kenny Barron – You Don’t Know What Love Is – Night and the City
  6. Geri Allen – I’m all smiles – Segments
  7. Higgins, Haden, Baker, Pieranunzi – ‘Round Midnight – Silence
  8. Paul Motian- They Didn’t Believe Me – On Broadway Vol 1
  9. Higgins, Haden, Pieranunzi – In The Moment – First Song




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