World of Jazz 83


  1. Lester Young – Lester Leaps In – Lester Young In Washington D.C. 1956 Vol 2
  2. Wynton Kelly – Action – Piano
  3. Willem Breuker Kollektief – Tango Superior/Interruptie – In Holland
  4. Harold Land – Angel Dance – The Peacemaker
  5. Dennis González Yells At Eels – The Oracle – Resurrection and Life
  6. Dave Burrell – Bittersweet Reminiscence – High Won -High Two
  7. Keith Tippett Sextet – Dedicated to Mingus – A Loose Kite In A Gentle Wind Foating With Only My Will For An Anchor
  8. Albert Mangelsdorff Quartet – Triple Tip – Diggin’ Live at Dug, Tokyo
  9. Hampton Hawes – I Love You – For Real!
  10. Charlie Rouse Quintet – They Don’t Believe Me – Takin’ Care Of Business


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