World of Jazz 79 – Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

I played the great composition by Charles Mingus “Goodbye Pork Pie Hat” on a podcast recently and it struck me that I had more than one version of the tune in my collection, and some of them were by other artists. So I thought I would put together a show of various versions of the great jazz standard, interspersed with some of Charles’ other work.

“Goodbye Pork Pie Hat” (later renamed “Theme for Lester Young”) was originally recorded by the Charles Mingus sextet in 1959, and released on his album Mingus Ah Um. Mingus wrote it as an elegy for saxophonist Lester Young, who had died two months prior to the recording session, and was well known for his broad-rimmed pork pie hat. It is one of Mingus’s best-known compositions and has been recorded by many jazz and jazz fusion artists.


  1. Mingus Dynasty – Goodbye Pork Pie Hat – Chair In The Sky
  2. Charles Mingus – Better Get Hit In Yo’ Soul – Three or Four Shades of Blues
  3. Stanley Clarke – Goodbye Pork Pie Hat – If only this bass could talk
  4. Charles Mingus – Canon – Mingus Moves
  5. John McLaughlin – Goodbye Pork Pie Hat – My Goals Beyond
  6. Charles Mingus – Dozzy Moods – Mingus Three Trio
  7. Joni Mitchell – Goodbye Pork Pie Hat – Mingus
  8. Charles Mingus – Haitian Flight Song – The Clown
  9. Carla Bley – Goodbye Pork Pie Hat – Big Band Theory
  10. Charles Mingus – Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting – Blues and Roots
  11. Charles Mingus – Goodbye Pork Pie Hat – Mingus Ah Um

lester_young young





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