World of Jazz 75 – A Chris Speed Special

Chris Speed is an excellent clarinet and tenor saxophone player, who has been active on the jazz scene for many years working with the likes of Tim Berne and Jim Black

Speed is an exceptional  soloist he plays with a lovely round tone on the clarinet and his tenor style can be powerful at even quiet volumes. He also employs a wide range of extended techniques on both his horns, and is highly imaginative in discovering new textures and timbres to explore. In the groups he leads, Speed surrounds himself with musicians whose styles often command equal if not greater attention than his own. It is a measure of Speed’s maturity as an artist that he does not take the spotlight and brings out the best in his bandmates. Speed remains focused on the sound of the group as a whole, and how all the players can contribute to a unique collective statement.

In 2006 Speed founded the independent Skirl Records label, dedicated to documenting the work of Brooklyn artists whose music is centered on creative jazz but transcends stylistic boundaries. He appeared on a number of the label’s releases including some of the albums featured on this podcast.

This podcast selects material from the last 15 years of his career.



  1. Chris Speed – Really OK – Really OK
  2. Curtis Hasselborg’s New Mellow Edwards – First Loser – Big Choantza
  3. Zeno De Rossi Sultry – The Daniel Quinn Theme – Plunge
  4. Ben Perowsky Quartet – Within You Without You – Esopus Opus
  5. Endangered Blood – Epistrophy – Endangered Blood
  6. Simon Jermyn – Otabur – Simon Jermyn’s Trot A Mouse
  7. Chris Speed – Kosmia – Emit
  8. Chris Speed’s Yeah No – Wheatstone – Deviantics
  9. Chris Speed Trio – Coocoo -Iffy
  10. Lovedale – Cheers In Heaven – Coziness Kills



  1. 2014 – Chris Speed: tenor saxophone;  Chris Tordini: bass; Dave King: drums
  2. 2009 – Curtis Hasslebring: trombone; Chris Speed: clarinet, tenor saxophone; Trevor Dunn: acoustic bass; John Hollenbeck: drums and percussion
  3. 2006 – Zeno De Rossi: drums and percussion; Chris Speed: tenor sax and clarinet; Stefano Senni: bass; Anthony Coleman: hammond A-100 organ, wurlitzer, fender rhodes and vox organ; Enrico Terragnoli: guitar
  4. 2009 – Ben Perowsky: drums; Chris Speed: clarinet, tenor saxophone; Ted Reichman: accordion; Drew Gress: bass.
  5. 2011 – Chris Speed – tenor saxophone; Oscar Noriega – alto saxophone, bass clarinet; Trevor Dunn – bass; Jim Black – drums
  6. 2008 – Simon Jermyn: electric bass & barione guitar; Chris Speed: tenor sax & clarinet; Loren Stillman: alto sax & clarinet; Sean Carpio: drums; Joachim Badenhorst: bass clarinet & tenor sax
  7. 2000 – Jim Black : Drums, Melodica;  Chris Speed : Clarinet, tenor sax; Skúli Sverrisson : Bass, Bass; Cuong Vu :Trumpet
  8. 1999 –  line up as 7.
  9. 2000 – Ben Perowsky: drums; Chris Speed: clarinet, tenor saxophone; Jamie Saft – keyboards
  10. 2010 – Jesper Løvdal – saxophone; Jacob Anderskov – piano; Jonas Westergaard – double bass; Cuong Vu – trumpet; Anders Mogensen – drums; Chris Speed – tenor saxophone, clarinet

CS Really OK


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